Hakutoku Ren (練 白徳, Ren Hakutoku) was the Kou Empire's First Emperor and first husband of the late Empress, Gyokuen Ren.


Although he has only appeared once, in silhouette and from behind, it is shown that during his time as Emperor he wore long robes and a mian, a traditional flat-topped crown adorned with strings of beads hanging from the front and back. 

In Adventure of Sinbad it is shown that Hakutoku had a think moustache, a long goatee and long dark hair.[2] 


According to his daughter Hakuei, Hakutoku shared the same vision of "one world" as Kouen, and thus unified the three countries that were fighting each other in the Eastern Plains. He was also said to be a severe person.[3]


Hakutoku founded the Kou Empire after unifying three countries in order to save the people of Tenka in the extreme Eastern Plains, who were suffering because they were divided and constantly fighting against each other.[4]

He had four children with his wife, Gyokuen (from oldest to youngest): Hakuyuu, Hakuren, Hakuei and Hakuryuu.

Hakutoku and his two elder sons, Hakuyuu and Hakuren, died in during a revolt ten years before the start of the story, said to be orchestrated by remnants of Kou's defeated enemies, when in fact it was Gyokuen and Al-Thamen who wanted him dead.


Pirates Arc

His silhouette is seen in Hakuryuu's memories, when he was saluting his people and his Empire was being acclaimed by the country.[5]




  • His name means White Virtue.
  • "Hakutoku" is the Japanese pronunciation; in Mandarin Chinese his name would be Báidé.
  • Hakutoku's name was only revealed in the Magi Guidebook.
  • His first son inherited his physical appearance.[6]


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