Hakuryuu Ren vs Gyokuen Ren is the fight between Hakuryuu Ren, the Kou Empire's Fourth Prince, and Gyokuen Ren, his mother and Kou's Empress.


During Hakuryuu and Judar's conversation, Gyokuen comes in and annoys Hakuryuu with her statement: that before she should have killed his sister, Hakuei Ren, along with their brothers, Hakuren Ren and Hakuyuu Ren.


Hakuryuu immediately Djinn Equips Zagan and attacks Gyokuen. She defends with her Borg created from Black Rukh. Despite his efforts, he can't break it. She then puts her hand on his cheek, saying that's enough, and then uses a powerful attack, which is enough to send him flying and injure him.


Gyokuen gets closer to Hakuryuu and tells him to always remain as her cute, little Hakuryuu. After she leaves, Judar comments that his hatred will only get him this far, but if he decided to curse his destiny, he will give him a hand.


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