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Hakuryuu Ren (れん はくりゅう, Ren Hakuryū) is one of the main characters of Magi, and the fourth prince of the Kou Empire. Hakuryuu is also a Dungeon Capturer, capturing two dungeons, Zagan and Belial. After his vengeance against his "mother", Gyokuen Ren, Hakuryuu became the fourth emperor of the Kou Empire. In the three years Alibaba Saluja's concussioness went drifting thanks to Hakuryuu's action, he passed the throne onto Kougyoku Ren, and became one of the three most wanted criminals in the world for carrying Zagan's Metal Vessel.[3]


Initial Appearance
Hakuryuu ch241.png
Current Appearance
Haku's Scar.png
Hakuryuu's eyes and scar

Hakuryuu is a young man of average height and build. He has dark blue hair and blue eyes, the left eye being a paler shade than the right. He has a large burn scar on the left side of his face and body which he received when he was a child. He also has thin, split-ended eyebrows and a mole on his chin, in the same place as his siblings and their mother, Gyokuen. He wears traditional clothes typical of the imperial royalty of Kou. He always carries a polearm, which later becomes his Metal Vessel of Zagan.

Originally, Hakuryuu had real flesh limbs, but had lost his left arm to Ithnan and later both legs to Alibaba Saluja. To compensate for these losses, Hakuryuu used Zagan's power to create prosthetic wooden left arm and legs. Ultimately, Hakuryuu returned to have flesh limbs again thanks to Kouen Ren, who gave his own limbs to Hakuryuu with the power of Phenex.

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Hakuryuu's reaction to Zagan's tormenting

He has a serious personality and is concerned about small things. He also has a bit of an inferiority complex. Due to this complex, he becomes quite pessimistic whenever people surrounding him notice his weaknesses and takes such criticism personally.

He greatly treasures his sister, Hakuei Ren, who has not only become a mother figure for him but is also the last of his siblings.


It is revealed that he harbors an intense hatred for his mother, due to her secretly murdering half of his family. After he remembers this, Hakuryuu becomes obsessed with seeking revenge against Gyokuen for her deeds. He now mercilessly slaughters his enemies, as seen when he beheads Umm Madaura in front of her "children", and when he kills all of Hakuei's enemies on the Tenzan Plateau. He wishes to tear down the current Kou Empire and replace it with the former one, one that isn't controlled by Al-Thamen. He believes that hatred can never be erased, and the only thing you can do is erase the ones you hate. He eventually fell into depravity and sought to eliminate all that stand in his way. However, after having a talk with his defeated brother, Kouen Ren, regarding Arba's immortality and ability to change bodies, along with words from Aladdin and Morgiana, he came back from depravity after concluding that his justice (which once advocated annihilation) had changed, with Kouen's fake execution and exile being proof of that.

As of the Final Arc, Hakuryuu has fully given up on revenge despite discovering Arba possessing his sister's body and charging in angrily at Arba (the latter being a ruse to get information). With revenge out of his psyche, Hakuryuu is much more sane and in control of himself.


Brothers in distress.png

As a child

Hakuryuu has a very troubled past. When he was six-years-old, he was caught in a large fire during a revolt, and tried to flee with his brothers, Hakuyuu and Hakuren. While they were killing Al-Thamen members left and right, Hakuyuu said that he can neither die nor let them have their way, and Hakuryuu wonders if their mother, Gyokuen, and sister, Hakuei, are alright, and if they should go help them. His brothers look at him then decide to keep going.[4]

Protected by Hakuyuu

Eventually Hakuren died and Hakuryuu was left next to a badly burned Hakuyuu, while crying for his mother. Hakuyuu said that unfortunately it was the end for him and Hakuren, but that Hakuryuu will live and accomplish their mission. Hakuyuu told Hakuryuu to swear to fight to the very last and that he has to strike down the Kou Empire's worst enemy. Hakuryuu asked what he was talking about, and why the soldiers of Kou wanted to kill them, and who would do such a cruel thing. Hakuyuu revealed the name of the perpetrator, but Hakuryuu didn't believe him. To save his brother's life, Hakuyuu stabbed himself, drenching Hakuryuu with his blood, and ordered him to go before the fire reached him. The incident still caused him to receive the burn scar on the left side of his face, and some on his body.[5]

After the revolt, Gyokuen told Hakuryuu and Hakuei that the new Emperor, their uncle, Koutoku Ren, would adopt them and they would still hold the title of prince and princess, although Hakuryuu would rank below Koutoku's sons.[6] Soon after, Hakuryuu, not believing what his brother had said, asked his mother for the truth. She admitted it and said that she will marry the new Emperor. Later, Hakuei asked him what was wrong and he lied, hiding the truth about their mother, believing he had to protect her.[7]


Kouga Arc

Haku and Juda.png

Hakuryuu is in the Imperial Palace of the Kou Empire training, when Judar comes to him. Hakuryuu tells him that he is bothering his practice. Judar says that if he wants power quickly, he should quit his training and capture a Dungeon, like his older sister, Hakuei Ren.[8]

Sindria Arc

Hakuryuu arrives in Sindria

Hakuryuu is sent to train in Sindria by the Kou Empire's Emperor. He is on a boat with his cousin Kougyoku Ren, on the way to Sindria. He is wondering about what kind of person Sinbad is. Behind him, Kougyoku is saying that she will kill Sinbad for what he has done to her.[9]

When Hakuryuu arrives in Sindria, he introduces himself to Sinbad and says that he thought of meeting him even if the Emperor would not command him to go there.[10] After that, Hakuryuu is silently watching the commotion of Kougyoku and Sinbad from a distance. When it is revealed that Koubun Ka is the person who orchestrated the whole charade, he humbly apologizes to Sinbad for what the people of his country did, asks for forgiveness and begs to allow for him to stay in Sindria.[11]

Destroy the Kou Empire

Later, Aladdin and Alibaba Saluja visit his room, where Hakuryuu thanks Aladdin for saving his sister and says that he wanted to meet him as much as he wanted to meet Sinbad. He then begs Aladdin to listen to what he has to say, but they are interrupted by a subordinate, who says Sinbad is calling for him. Before going, he greets Alibaba and regrets he couldn't talk to him this time.[12] After Sinbad show him the palace, they start to talk and Hakuryuu reveals his objective to destroy the Kou Empire.[13] He asks Sinbad for his support against the Empire, knowing that Sinbad also disapproves of its imperialistic actions. Sinbad refuses to give a formal answer at this point, and instead suggests that Hakuryuu spend some time with Alibaba and his friends because he will be able to learn some things from them. Hakuryuu reluctantly agrees.[14]

Ren cousins.png

When Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana are training, Hakuryuu appears with his cousin, Kougyoku, and tells Alibaba he was searching for him. Hakuryuu talks about the Kou's first Prince, Kouen Ren, who occupied Balbadd, and says he's prepared for the fact that Alibaba would hate a prince coming from the country that is his enemy. However, Alibaba says he doesn't hate him since Hakuryuu didn't do anything.[15] Soon after, Sinbad sends Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana out to conquer another dungeon, Hakuryuu also asks to go with them. Despite Sinbad's protests and worries of potential complications by the Kou Empire should anything terrible happen to him, Sinbad reluctantly gives in to Hakuryuu's persistence to join the others on the Dungeon quest.[16]

Zagan Arc

Before entering the dungeon, a little girl from the nearby Torran Village named Tiare asked Hakuryuu if she could come along, saying she wanted to save her parents, who were lost in the dungeon. Hakuryuu tells her that he will rescue them, and tells her that it is dangerous inside. Once in the dungeon, Hakuryuu and the others are immediately challenged by some of the inhabitants of the dungeon. While looking for the right passage through the dungeon, they realize these creatures are not actually aggressive. Morgiana then discovers a path that the creatures of the dungeons used, and she, Hakuryuu, Aladdin, and Alibaba decided to follow it.

Soon after, Zagan appeared, and he created an aggressive creature. It was white, and very tall, its teeth were very sharp, and its eyes were the eyes of a savage. The monster asked Aladdin for honey, and when he said he had none, it attacked him. Hakuryuu is saved by Morgiana for the second time, and due to this he immediately begins to feel insignificant as compared to Aladdin, Morgiana and Alibaba because of their strength. He eventually asks them not to save him even if he is dying in front of them. This makes them respond by saying he is too serious, and that he should relax. Alibaba and Aladdin make a statement saying the dungeon is easy, and Zagan hears it and agrees. He then increases the difficulty of the dungeon and appears before Aladdin. He said they would now be split into two groups if they wanted to reach the treasury!

Zagan was the one who chose the groups, and they were Aladdin and Alibaba, with Morgiana and Hakuryuu. He purposely chose those groups to make Hakuryuu feel insecure. When he and Morgiana are split from the others, he demonstrates the ability of Magoi manipulation, but his glory was short lived. He ran out of Magoi soon after. Morgiana's martial arts were not effective on the golems they were facing. Morgiana then grabbed one of the golems and slammed it into the other! Both golems broke, and she proceeded to defeat them all in this manner. Hakuryuu was once again saved by Morgiana. Once they all reunite, Zagan says he will battle them himself. In this battle, a trapdoor opens and the team falls into a hole, which had at the bottom what Zagan said was his "True form". Here, Morgiana unlocks her Household Vessel, Amol Selseila, and Amon's Familiar unites with her chains. She then, using the chains, saves her friends. She told them she would defeat Zagan, and jumped back into the hole, once at the bottom, she uses her chains to close the mouth of Zagan's true form, which resembled a giant stem with a large jaw at the top, and once the chains had trapped Zagan, she used her Magoi to set fire to the chains, and through them, her enemy. Presumably, she was able to do this since Amon is a flame Djinn. She then passes out from Magoi Exhaustion.

Soon after, they met Dunya Musta'sim. She was a user of a Black Metal Vessel, and she had two companions. One was a masked figure called Ithnan, and another was a swordsman called Isaac. Aladdin went up against Dunya, and Alibaba went up against Isaac. In this battle, Aladdin displayed the ability to use water magic, and Alibaba changed the form of Amol Saiqa, it turned into a form that was more suited for his fighting style, a short sword. After Hakuryuu took Morgiana and the girl (who previously had asked Hakuryuu for entrance), he came back and attempts to help Aladdin and Alibaba and that he would fight with them. Dunya was going to attack them using her Extreme magic, but she was tricked by a mirage Aladdin created using water magic, and wasted her attack. In the confusion, Alibaba beheaded Ithnan with Amol Saiqa. It was then revealed that Isaac was only a doll Dunya created, and that she was the princess of the Musta'sim Kingdom, but she was overthrown. Aladdin used Solomon's Wisdom to save her from depravity, and it worked. It turned out that Isaac was a knight in her kingdom, and he protected her with his life. They use to have a brother sister relationship. Before the team moved on, a snake appeared and slithered out of Ithnan's beheaded body.

It was soon after revealed by what was left of Zagan (a miniature form of his old self with no power) that he was not the real Zagan, and the real Zagan was still in the treasure room. He also said that the creatures in this dungeon were feeding of the power of humans who had entered the dungeon. Here they also see a person wrestling with a small creature in the bushes, and it was the little girl from the village. She had followed them in the dungeon, and they were forced to bring her along. They soon after reached the treasury, and Zagan revealed who hialibaba was more qualified, but Zagan told him Alibaba didn't have enough Magoi, and that Hakuryuu's Magoi manipulation was better compatible with his powers. Hakuryuu eventually obtained Zagan, then Zagan released all the villagers, and they proceeded to leave the dungeon. Before they left however, Hakuryuu was bitten by a mysterious snake.When the team woke up, they were under attack. The enemies were Al-Thamen, and they all had Black Metal Vessels! They put up a fight, but they were to tired from the dungeon, and were not well trained enough. They were saved by their teachers, Masrur, Yamraiha, and Sharrkan.

Second Sindria Arc

After the help of Yamraiha, Sharrkan and Masrur with defeating the members of Al-Thamen, they all preceded to go back to Sindria. After coming back to Sindria, they are all greeted by the people of Sindria giving praises to what they brought back. Sinbad comes to greet them and congratulated them on completed the Dungeon conquest and returning safely. Alibaba tells Sinbad that Hakuryuu received Zagan. Hakuryuu says thanks to Sinbad, he also received a Djinn, and Sinbad. Some of the Kou soldiers came to Hakuryuu and told him they were all worried in case something might have happened to him. Hakuryuu notices Kougyoku and her group really quiet and wonders what happened to them. Then, Sinbad announces a banquet as a blessing to the heroes.☃☃At the banquet, Koubun Ka tells Hakuryuu what happened before they came back to Sindria, Judar came and announced Sindria as an enemy to the Kou Empire. Koubun says that thanks to Judar, they've become most unwanted guests in Sindria, and asks if they should return to their country immediately. Kougyoku wines that she doesn't want to go home yet, and Koubun realizes that she's been drinking alcohol. Kougyoku sadly says that she thinks that her father and the others would be fine if she didn't come back, and Koubun tries to console her. Then she happily says that Sinbad said it was okay if remained in Sindria forever. Koubun asks Hakuryuu what his intentions are. Hakuryuu says that he also wants to stay in Sindria for a little while longer, and thinks this because he still hasn't accomplished his original objective. Hakuryuu's arm starts to throb which causes him pain. Koubun asks what's wrong, and Hakuryuu says nothing. Hakuryuu starts to think the pain came from the snake bit he received in Zagan, but then dismisses the idea. Later at the banquet, Sinbad calls Hakuryuu and asks how the Dungeon was. Hakuryuu says it was like Sinbad said, he many things from Alibaba and the others, and he realized his own immaturity, and adds that he has to thank Sinbad. Though Hakuryuu says that the feelings he conveyed to Sinbad before going to the Dungeon haven't changed, and he pleads for Sinbad's aid. Sinbad apologizes and says that Sindria doesn't wish to fight the Kou Empire in the near future. Hakuryuu says its alright if he doesn't right now, he just hopes that when the right time comes along, Sinbad might become the shield that will watch his back. Sinbad says he understands and he will think about it. Hakuryuu asks if he is serious and Sinbad says he is and he personally finds Hakuryuu very likable. Hakuryuu thanks him and Sinbad says from now on they are in the same boat, and that Hakuryuu will have to lend him power in times of need, too. Hakuryuu says for sure.[17]

Isnan Emerges.png
Haku's Fallen Arm1.png

Hakuryuu feels relieved and thinks that with this, he can finally accomplish his mission and things can move forward from now on. Then, Hakuryuu's arm began to ache. Sinbad asks what's wrong and if he's alright. Hakuryuu says he's alright and it's just a minor injury he got in the Dungeon. Just then, Hakuryuu's arm falls off. A lot of Black Rukh emerges from from out of it. Hakuryuu screams and everyone is shocked at what is happening. The Black Rukh then takes the form of Ithnan. Sinbad, Sharrkan and Alibaba begin to fight Ithnan, which end up leaving Sinbad and Alibaba cursed. Before Ithnan leaves, he says that this country is so full of White Rukh that he has breathing problems, but it was really comfortable living inside Hakuryuu. After he leaves everyone is in a panic, and the people from Kou come over to try to help Hakuryuu.[18][19]


Some time later, Hakuryuu is trying to train, but drops his spear. Morgiana comes over and asks if he is alright. She tells him that he lost an arm, so he can't overdo himself. Hakuryuu says that's exactly why he doesn't have time to be resting, but thanks her for worrying about him. Hakuryuu thinks that with a single arm, he can't wield his spear the way he wants to, and wonders how he should fight now after finally obtaining a Djinn. He puts his spear on the ground and plants start to grow around it, surprising Morgiana and himself. Hakuryuu thinks he found a way he can use this power well. He assures himself that losing an arm is nothing, and it is not like he can give, and he has to accomplish his mission.[20]

Ryuu talking about Alibaba.png

Next, Hakuryuu, during his talk with Alibaba and Morgiana, proclaims that he's going to depart from Sindria. He says that he will go by ship a week from that time and that there were troubles he did not expect, but he almost reached his objective in this country. Morgiana asks him if he's going to go back to the Kou Empire, but he explains he's wants to join his sister before. He asks Alibaba and Morgiana what they are going to do. Alibaba says with smile that they're going to stay there a little longer and asks Morgiana if he's right, but she can't answer. Hakuryuu then asks Alibaba if he's okay with Balbadd's situation, but he quickly says he believes that Alibaba has some plans about it. Then, he voices his thoughts about Alibaba, but Alibaba says that Hakuryuu already told him that, back in the Dungeon Zagan. Hakuryuu ends the conversation with a statement that Alibaba will surely follow the path he believes in. Alibaba doesn't have much words for this. He then tells his friends that they don't have much time left, but they should continue enjoy it together.[21]

Hakuryuu on Dunya's funeral.png

During Dunya's funeral, he seems quite absent minded. Morgiana follows him and asks if there's something wrong. He answers that he could end up like her if borrowed Al-Thamen's power without knowing anything about it. He asks Morgiana if she heard of Kou Empire and Al-Thamen and she replies she indeed knows about them. He explains that everyone noticed that something has been possessing his nation. He says that Judar and people around him have come to his country right after its founding and from this moment on, the dungeon diving began and the Generals obtained an unusual "power". He wonders what would happened to him if he accepted their invitation. Morgiana asks him why he rejected it, and he replies that it's because he knows the Organization better than anyone else, as his family was murdered by them and then, all proofs were wiped out to the point that even his sister is oblivious of that. When Morgiana wants to know why he told her something like this, he answers that he will reveal it soon to the whole world, but most of all, it's his way of thanking her for her help in the Dungeon even though he wasn't completely honest with her. He says he wanted to let her know how he truly feels before they bid each other farewell.[22]

Hakryuu's FiL.png

To change a topic of this strange discussion, as he names it, he asks her about her country and family. She doesn't reply immediately, but soon lightly smiles and answers that she doesn't have a family. She explains that it seems like all Fanalis were made into slaves, but Hakuryuu can't believe that it could happen to a whole race. She tells him that even though such things never reached countries like Kou, Fanalis are that kind of race now. She then says she was slave herself as well not even year before, which greatly surprises Hakuryuu. Morgiana says she envies him, because she almost doesn't remember her family and hopes he will take care of his sister. After shocking him, she bows and apologizes for talking about something like this, because she didn't have anything to speak of in return and looks very run-down, not smiling anymore. However, Hakuryuu doesn't take this apology but instead smiles brightly and tries to raise her spirits by saying that she might have siblings too, and even if she can't remember her parents, they still exists and might be alive somewhere or even freed like she was. Morgiana then smiles brightly, tearing up a little, and thanks him. He looks at her completely overwhelmed, beginning to fall in love with her.[23]

Nervous Hakuryuu.png

Later, Aladdin and Hakuryuu prepares for their journeys. Hakuryuu notes that even after departing from Sindria, they will be together for a little longer. Morgiana then asks them if she could go for a half of it. She says she decided to go to the Dark Continent, which surprises Hakuryuu. She says that she wants to see it with her own eyes and calm her feelings. She then thanks Hakuryuu for what he said earlier, which makes him blush. He nervously says that he's glad to hear that. Aladdin says that his Rukh is pink and asks if he isn't a bit too cheerful, so he quickly turns to him shocked, while still being completely red. On the day of departure, Aladdin asks what about Alibaba and Hakuryuu notices that he didn't even come to see them off. Morgiana wonders if Alibaba is still angry at them for having to part ways, but Sinbad is surprised when he hears them and says something to them. The group is sent off with wishing a save trip by Sinbad, his Eight Generals and Sindria's citizens. After boarding a ship, the three of them smiles while being watched by Alibaba.[24]

Pirates Arc

Sharing room with a girl.png

During their ride on the ship, Hakuryuu, Morgiana and Aladdin head to their cabin; they know Alibaba is on the same ship, but they act as if he is not. Hakuryuu is at first unwilling to share a room with a girl, but later gives in after Aladdin and Morgiana state it's fine. When Aladdin brings up that he feels like they are missing something (Alibaba) Hakuryuu says that what they are missing is an: all-inclusive breakfast which he had prepared for them.[25]

He later asks what Morgiana and Aladdin honestly think of Alibaba. Aladdin's answers were negative noting that Alibaba was not popular, while Morgiana recalls when she walked in on Alibaba when his bottom was exposed. Outraged, Hakuryuu calls Alibaba a "villainous bastard", wondering who could do such a thing to Morgiana while slamming his prosthetic arm in anger. They soon find Alibaba, who has started crying in a corner in the room next to theirs.[26]

It really happened.png

They ask for his forgiveness since they they did it as a light joke, but he's still hurt at what they had said about him. Hakuryuu comments that Alibaba is crying too much to be a real man, trying hard to not laugh aloud, only enraging Alibaba more. Alibaba then tells him they should take this outside before Aladdin calms him down. Hakuryuu then says they were all just joking and smiles at Morgiana, who replies that she wasn't joking about what she said. Silent for a moment, Hakuryuu then proceeds to try and kill Alibaba, calling him names and crying out in anger. When they calm down and ask Alibaba what he wants to do, he states he wants to go the the Reim Empire and become a Gladiator. Curious, Aladdin and Morgiana ask Alibaba questions, and he's interrupted by Hakuryuu who begins to explain all he knew on the Reim Colisseum. When they ask Alibaba more questions, the same thing repeated. In the end, Alibaba becomes depressed, when Aladdin asks if there was any more he had to tell them Alibaba distress fully yelled that Hakuryuu had explained everything.[27]

The team is next seen out on the ship's decks, where they enjoy the sailing and talk with each other. Hakuryuu states that Alibaba took out most of the water beasts, which made their sailing safer and easier. Alibaba starts to go off how he is deemed "unpopular" and how he wanted to show a good side of himself; making Hakuryuu and the other two wonder if he is getting back at them. Hakuryuu then states that he won't let Alibaba do all of the fighting and says that he will fight as well. Alibaba asks him somewhat teasingly if he would be able to do that, provoking Hakuryuu and making Aladdin stand between the two.[28]


Suddenly the pirates show up and start to attack the ship; Hakuryuu and the others form together to fight off their enemies. When they have defeated most of them, Olba steps up and surrounds the team with a bubble of air, trapping them inside. He then drops them into the sea, and Hakuryuu's Metal Vessel is seen glowing.[29] Hakuryuu begins to summon plants onto the ship to grab the pirates and get his friends back onboard. Once they are all back, Alibaba points at Hakuryuu's arm and he grins, saying that he told Alibaba it's his turn to fight now. He also begins to explain Zagan's abilities and countering the pirates numerous attacks.[30]

Before he could finish them, Olba threatens to kill the ship's captain if they do not surrender the cargo quietly. They all agree, but no one notices Hakuryuu planting small seeds onto some of the cargo.[31]

Netsumegusa Root.png

After the teams enters the port to Aktia Kingdom hear stories about the children being kidnapped by the pirates for the "Holy Mother".[32] Alibaba suggests a few ideas to Aladdin, but Hakuryuu tells him not to worry, and that he already has a plan to help save the children. He summons a Netsumegusa root and explains what he did beforehand on the ship as it was being raided for their cargo. He states that if they follow the roots, they should find the hide-out; also further explaining that he can't manipulate plants as he likes, but he combines his Magoi Manipulation abilities with Zagan's powers. Soon, all the villagers start to anger about how the royal family doesn't see their pain as anything and Alibaba is reminded of Balbadd. He later asks the group if they are in a hurry to go to their destinations, and Hakuryuu replies that he already knows what Alibaba is going to say.[33]

As the team departs, Hakuryuu is motioned over by Alibaba, who states that Hakuryuu has gotten very good at using Zagan's powers. Hakuryuu thanks him but wonders what he is planning to discuss. Alibaba then asks him if he has already completed his Djinn Equip, which Hakuryuu responds to with "who knows" and a smug smile. When he is continually asked, he refuses to answer Alibaba's questions. They are next seen entering the pirates' hide-out, ready to "kick some ass".[34]

World Exploration Arc

Ryuu in Kou.png

Hakuryuu arrives in the Kou Empire for the funeral of Kou's Emperor, Koutoku Ren, along his Household, half a year after joining Hakuei in the Tenzau Plateu. He and Hakuei are then greeted by Kouen Ren.[53] Hakuryuu is the only one who doesn't bow to him. A soldier comments that it's an insolence, but Kouen smiles slightly, comes closer to him and congratulates him on conquering a dungeon, even if he lost an arm. He stays silent the whole time. He also doesn't react when Judar comes.[54]

Then, he goes with Hakuei to Kouen, who apparently has a business with him. Kouen asks Hakuryuu if he wants to become the Emperor. Hakuryuu answers that it was one of His Majesty's intentions and asks why Kouen knows such a thing. Kouen says that he wouldn't want to fight with a brother of him of the same blood, but there must be only one king. Hakuryuu agrees but Kouen adds that he wasn't referring solely to the Kou Empire, but to the whole world. Kouen continues his monologue. He says he always wondered what really the "King Vessel" is, about the Torran Language, about wielding a power whose creator they don't know, as they don't know anything about Solomon. He also mentions a world where people talked in different languages and there were many kings, but also existed many conflicts. He asks why there is only one language now but answers to his question by himself. Hakuryuu listens to him and his intentions of creating one world without changing an expression. After Kougyoku joins them, Kouen announces that Kouha Ren finally arrived and they should go to Gyokuen Ren and the dead Emperor.[55]

Conversation stopped.png

The next day, Hakuei tells Hakuryuu that their father started doing the same thing as Kouen. Hakuryuu stops her and says to continue this conversation later, after their visit is finished.[56] When being greeted by Gyokuen, he remembers all things connected to his mother, like the death of his brothers. He looks at her with hate. He then listens to the conversation between Gyokuen and Kouen. Then, when the next Emperor is announced to be Gyokuen, he goes to her and bows, pleading her to take the throne, as no one but her can do that.[57]

One World is Impossible.png

Later, Hakuei comes to him and asks him why he said such things. Hakuryuu replies that it's because now is the right time. He says that there's a crack in the conspiracy between Kouen and Gyokuen, and he has obtained Zagan's powers as well, so now, he will protect Hakuei. He then tells her that it was their mother who stayed behind the assassination of their family. He notices her confusion and adds that it's okay if she doesn't understand it now but is sure that she already noticed bad things surrounding her, including controlling the country as Al-Thamen. Hakuryuu then takes Hakuei's hand and tells her that they will destroy the Kou Empire together and then, they will take their nation back. He puts so much strength into holding Hakuei, that it makes her scream in pain. Then, he says that he has lived up until now just to realize this. Hakuei takes her hand and says that it's impossible, then cries out his name. Hakuryuu notices his trembling hands while Hakuei continues that Kouen will not permit something like a civil war and adds that the world is one. Hakuryuu repeats what she said incredulously, and says that such a thing is impossible. He adds that all Kouen is doing is saying pretty words while invading other countries by force, like Balbadd and Kouga. He asks what about the people of these countries who died and if their families should just forget about them and continue living, remembering grieving Alibaba. He then reproaches Hakuei that she has taken Kouga by a sheer force. When she tries to tell him that she has not; that they accepted her goodwill and got rid of their hatred, he screams that it's impossible. He says that the hatred can never be erased and the only thing you can do is to erase the ones you hate.[58]

Judar and Hakuryuu.png

Later, Hakuryuu is going through the rain, recalling the ending of the conversation with Hakuei. She is sure that something happened to him after all, and adds that it's not like she doesn't believe him at all, but asks for a little more time and apologizes. Hakuryuu then notices a lot of Black Rukh, which leads him to Judar, who says he has something to discuss with him.[59] Hakuryuu answers that he doesn't want to talk with him, as he was a pawn of the Organization and Gyokuen from the start, but Judar insist it's the same for him. He says that his hatred and vengeance proves he's twisted around her finger and even the way he lives is being controlled by her. Hakuryuu answers that he's wrong. Judar then says that he become strong and he wanted to show it no matter what, which turns out to be Gyokuen herself, much to the horror of Hakuryuu.[60]

Gyokuen and Hakuryuu.png

Full Body Djinn Equip

Gyokuen comes closer to Hakuryuu and wants to touch him but he rejects her hand. She smiles and says he became sharper like Hakuren and Hakuyuu. She adds that she didn't care back then whether he or Hakuei would stay alive, but then tells that she should have killed Hakuei too, what only adds a fire to the fuel. Hakuryuu full body Djinn Equips Zagan and attacks her, but is quickly defeated. Gyokuen touches his face, says it's enough and sends him flying, hurting him. She then pats his head and says, "May you always remain as my cute, little Hakuryuu...", which makes him remember the times he was smiling happily going alongside his mother.[61] After a little time, Hakuryuu is still sitting in the same place confused, recalling what Judar told him right after the battle. Judar mentioned the obvious, that his hatred can only gets him as far, but added that if he decided to curse his destiny, he will give him a hand.[62]

Magnostadt Arc

JuHaku MagArc.png

Although he is called on by Kouen, he mysteriously does not answer his summons.[63] Hakuryuu then appears around Magnostadt along with Judar, fully Djinn Equipped. He watches Aladdin and others struggling against the Medium.[64] Judar remarks that his sister is there and asks if he's going to only watch, without rushing to her side. Hakuryuu coldly answers that that didn't come there for that reason, with which Judar agrees.[65]

Judar takes the huge amount of Black Rukh with him and notifies Hakuryuu that their business is finished, so they're going. Hakuryuu agrees with him while looking at Aladdin, Morgiana and Alibaba. He addresses to them saying that he has turned his back to the path they have chosen after all. He apologizes to them and bids them farewell.[66]

Alma Torran Arc

Hakuryuu is mentioned by Judar that he had successfully killed his mother, Gyokuen Ren, although it was also stated by Kouen Ren that Judar had helped him murder the empress. He is later seen in Kou Empire telling Judar if he can handle his Transfer Magic to which Judar replied that he'll do his best to make Hakuryuu into a King.

Back at the Kou Empire, Hakuryuu is busying himself around the castle and when Judar arrives, calmly says that Magi's were lucky as they could "float away whenever they pleased", to which Judar replied snarkily that he had scoured the capital to look for signs of trouble in his stead. Hakuryuu tells Judar his goals and asks him to aid him as his Magi, to which Judar happily agrees.

Kou Empire Arc

When Judar transports them to Belial's Dungeon, Hakuryuu asks him before they enter why he was helping him to which the Magi replied that he had the same thing he did. This causes Hakuryuu surprise and confusion, wondering what he could share in common with the dark Magi. Inside the dungeon, he sees the castle where he was raised and was confused at what Judar saw, claiming it was a village in the desert, while he said it was the castle that Judar saw every day.

He encounters an illusion of his sister, which he thought was convenient that it had her face him with an apologetic look. When she said that he did not need to take vengeance, he answered without meaning to, saying that he was bewitched by the illusion and couldn't take his eyes off of her. When she asked him why he was seeking revenge, he answered that it was because his brothers gave him this mission, to which she tearfully wails if his revenge was part of their mission as well and if that really was their brother's final wish. Hakuryuu claims that his brother's wishes and his are the same and receives a gash wound on the left side of his face.

Belial reveals himself and explains to Hakuryuu what he was seeing wasn't an illusion, but a fragment of his own mind, he tells him that if he lies, he will continue to receive wounds until he dies.

The next illusion he faces is a tearful Morgiana, saying she was sorry about before. Hakuryuu yells at Belial, telling him to stop invading his mind and that he was the worst kind of demon. Morgiana begs Hakuryuu to come back and fight by her side, to which he replies that it was too late for everything. Morgiana tells him that he is wrong, that they were fighting against a common enemy: Al-Thamen, and why he wouldn't notice this. Hakuryuu is faced with this truth and admits that all he needed to do was talk to his sister, even Kouen, who should have the same objectives as him. He even thinks of talking to Alibaba, noting that it was comfortable around them (Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana). An illusion of Alibaba appears, holding out his hand and Hakuryuu outstretches his own to take it thinking that they could fight together. However, unlike what Belial wanted, for Hakuryuu to overcome his contradictions and become a white-king vessel, Hakuryuu retreats his hand in a tremor; wondering why he still couldn't take Alibaba's hand.

As Hakuryuu begins to wonder in frustration why he couldn't take Alibaba's hand, Morgiana encourages him to come back to their side and try talking to his sister once more, and if he hasn't realized the dream he had with her. Hakuryuu remembered when he and his sister shared the same dream, but began to notice that their ideals were drifting apart. He asks her why she noticed what was going on with their country, that something was happening with their mother, and yet she didn't do anything about it. He berated her and others for knowing the corruption of the Kou Empire, yet doing nothing at all to address it. He yells at his sister, asking why she would want him to ally himself to those people who use the empire how they like. Hakuei slowly responds that he should already know that answer.

She further states that she knew there were dirty things in this world, but one had to tolerate that and know restraint, and that was where she stood. Hakuei also added that in order to truly fulfill his brother's wishes and to unite the world, he had to throw away his violent anger.

Hakuryuu is seen struggling to climb a wall but falls, he is saved by Judar, bringing him to face the two illusions of Morgiana and Hakuei, and he tells them to stop messing with him. He said even though he knew that their path was the right one, he angrily rejects them as he starts to fall into depravity. He and Judar state together that if the world continued to reject them, then they would just destroy it and create anew; which made him completely fall into depravity.

Hakuei grabs her brother, crying and pleading for him to not go to the wrong side and to come back to her side. He merely glances down at her as Judar asks how he will live from now on and yells at him to give an answer. Hakuryuu tells Judar not to yell, holding his spear and saying that it should already be clear, much to a horrified Hakuei. He coldly kills the illusion of his sister, telling her goodbye, while repeating the action with the illusion of Morgiana; claiming that he would not stop there and he would kill the real one soon, saying she was nothing more than garbage like her master Alibaba, blindly following his hypocrisy. Judar looked at him happily as he laughed with glee and descended to Belial in his Djinn Equipped form.

Belial angrily states that Hakuryuu chose his own self-interests and that he has no will of giving him his Metal Vessel. Hakuryuu calmly stated that Belial's will wasn't important as Judar forced the Djinn to submit, becoming another Metal Vessel for Hakuryuu. Judar tells Hakuryuu that he will make him his king, which Hakuryuu replied he didn't have much interest in being king and he wanted to kill Gyokuen first, but said that if that leads to him being king, he wouldn't mind following Judar's lead. As Judar creates an exit to the Dungeon, Hakuryuu's new metal vessel briefly glows.

Final Arc

Yunan reports to Alibaba that up until one year ago Hakuryuu had "mysteriously vanished' like Aladdin and Morgiana, taking his Metal Vessel and Djinn Zagan with him. Due to the rules of the International Alliance, this makes him one of the three "world's most wanted" criminals. Yunan notes that Hakuryuu was actually ruling his country quite well but due to "several sudden consecutive international wars of independence" he was forced to step off the throne. The Magi notes with worry that Hakyuruu taking Zagan would be a problem, but didn't mention Belial. Thus the fate of Hakuryuu's second Djinn remains unknown. [67]


Physical Abilities

Hakuryuu is physically strong and well-trained in many weapons. Firstly, he is an extremely strong and talented spearman. At a very young age, Hakuryuu was trained in Royal Spearmanship. He has managed to go "toe-toe" with Alibaba's Swordmanship in the past. Hakuryuu is also shown to have decent skill in swordsmanship. Besides his weapon skills, it is shown he has increased durability. He stands still against many heavily injuring attacks or overusage of his Magoi etc.

Advanced Intelligence

Hakuryuu was given a high level of education in the Royal Palace of the Kou Empire. He knows difficult languages like Torran Language and possesses high knowledge concerning various matters.

Magoi Manipulation

He was taught the ability to entrust his Ki into his spear by training with the Yambala Gladiators, thus making it strong enough to pierce something even Morgiana's kicks couldn't damage. He has also learned how to combine his Magoi Manipulation with Zagan's powers, including when using Djinn Equip.

Wooden Prosthesis

Hakuryuu wooden arm is the arm that he replaced using the power of Zagan after losing his left arm to Ithnan. He uses the artificial arm to fight by turning it into vines and trees he uses it like a tentacle whip projectile. He is also able to create a small wood dragon out of the arm. He can make his arm grow at an exponential rate. He later changes his wooden arm into a prosthesis hand. After his fight against Alibaba, he lost both of his legs. Thus, he replaced them witth wooden extensions by using Zagan's powers. After he gained his limbs back from Kouen, he removed this prothesises.

Metal Vessels

Hakuryuu is the master of 2 Djinn: Zagan and Belial .

Zagan is the Life Djinn that Hakuryuu obtained when he conquered the 61st Dungeon. Zagan is the Djinn of Loyalty and Purity. Hakuryuu uses his Djinn to control earth and life. It awakens the power of plants from any thing the Metal Vessel touches. Hakuryuu's Metal Vessel is his guandao (Chinese derivative of a European glaive, a polearm weapon), which he carries around constantly. After his fight with Alibaba, his original guandao breaks. In the World Exploration Arc, Hakuryuu gets a new Metal Vessel, a spear, that is similar in design to his old guandao. Hakuryuu's Household is made up of creatures that he made into his servants with Zagan’s power. Hakuryuu's Household are the Left and Right Generals of the Kou Empire, Kokuhyou Shuu and Seiryuu Ri. Kokuhyou Shuu uses Zagan's powers and Seiryuu Ri uses Belial's powers.

Djinn Weapon Equip: After compressing Zagan's powers around his spear, he summons a two-sided spear with a pointed tip on each.
  • Combination Move: It is a combination between Zagan’s powers and Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation. Zagan can only manipulate the plants that are in contact with his Metal Vessel, but by sending Zagan’s Magic inside of the plant seeds, thanks to Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation, he is able to manipulate the plant as long as the Magoi he sent inside of the seed doesn't run out.
  • Netsumegusa (ネツメグサ, Netsumegusa): It is a kind of grass belonging to the pea family. It has ridiculously long roots that can be used as fragrant herbs. Hakuryuu uses his Djinn, Zagan, to bring out the limit of its special characteristics.
  • Brain Plant: After brainwashing a person with Belial, Hakuryuu can implant inside the targets brain special plant circuits to stimulate his hatered and exitement. Thanks to that he can muster the maximum strength of his soldiers bodies. [68]
  • Zaug Mobarezo (Dragon-Taming Wooden Lotus Shock): This attack originates from his artificial arm, it releases several wooden projectile dragons able to bite an opponent.
  • Zaug Al-Adhra (Manipulated Life Bow): He can also fire his monsters off by holding his spear like a bow and arrow, firing off multiple monsters at once. After the timeskip, Hakuryuu was able to control the bacteria from the Dark Continent and the flora from Alma Torran to decompose the organic matter of Arba's vessel Hakuei.
Djinn Equip: Hakuryuu is able to perform a half body Djinn Equip complete with his weapon. In this form, he is able to equip exactly half of his body, with the right side being normal and the left side being that of his Djinn. Once he has equipped half of his body with Zagan’s power, he can become a being more close to a Djinn and his abilities are not limited only to controlling plants his metal vessel has touched anymore. The Djinn of life, Zagan, not only controls plants, but also several other creatures he can also send his Magoi to like the microscopic fungus that exists in the atmosphere make them grow, turning them into his servants. These monsters are very similar to the ones in the Dungeon Zagan. These monsters come out every time he swings his weapon. These monsters are very acidic and can easily melt Aladdin's Borg. After six months has passed he is now capable of doing a Full Body Djinn Equip. After compressing Zagan's powers around his guan dao, he summons a two-sided spear with a pointed tip on each. He has shown impressive skill at handling this spear and even reinforcing it with Magoi to attack and makes it capable of blocking even Amol Saiqa, which is capable of cutting through anything, as long as he has Magoi.

Belial is the Life Djinn that Hakuryuu obtained from conquering the 68th Dungeon. Belial is the Djinn of Truth and Conviction. It seems to have the power to control other people's minds, as he uses it to control the minds of Al-Thamen's members to turn them into his allies[69]. Belial also has the ability to manipulate all 5 senses[70] Hakuryuu's Metal Vessel for Belial is his left shoulder armor pad.

Djinn Equip: In Belial's Djinn Equip, Hakuryuu's hair changes including the color and length. Unlike most djinn equips he has not one but two eyes on the forehead. Also he gets black wings and two additional arm's. In this form Hakuryuu is surrounded by a skeleton-like Dragon that he can use to grab the opponent.
  • Belior Zakera (Memory Manipulation): Belial's basic power to create illusions and rewrite memories. By using this magic Hakuryuu can manipulate the minds of his enemies and have them do his bidding. However, this can be blocked with a Borg from a magician or magi, but it still results in a bit of head trauma as seen by Aladdin. [71] The range in which illusions can be used is only 10 meters but it can't be said the same when it is in the djinn equip form because he was shown using it with his metal vessel. [72]
  • Belior Goldoreza (Severing Funeral Scythe): By using Belial's weapon equip Hakuryuu can sever the senses of his opponents. The scythe can't physically hurt people, but all senses in part of the body that is cut by the blade are send to another space. According to Hakuryuu those wounds are impossible to heal. [73]
  • Belior Zauto (Severing Funeral Roar): When this Extreme Magic is summoned, a huge decaying dragon appears and let's loose a roar. It's a roar that devours and destroys all the 5 senses of any living things caught inside of it's range. [74]


Quantity of Magoi
Fighting Ability
Physical Strength
Leadership Ability



Kouen Ren

Hakuryuu respected his cousin and adoptive brother a lot on the surface and he viewed him as a strong leader. (needs ref) But deep inside his heart, he has always harbored an intense hatred for Kouen because he looked the other way when Gyokuen Ren murdered his father and two older brothers. [75] The hatred boiled up to the point that Hakuryuu led a faction against Kouen leading up to a civil war with led to a lot of casualties. [76] After Kouen surrendered himself to the Seven Seas Alliance who supported Hakuryuu, he began interrogating him and learned many things after which made Hakuryuu conflicted and eventually create and false execution ceremony and spare Kouen's life and exile him to an island where his two brothers where also placed. [77] Which shows he still cared for him.

Gyokuen Ren

Hakuryuu initially believed his mother to be a caring, loving, warm individual. Eventually after learning of his mother's revolt against his father and involvement in the murder of his brothers he began to feel malice toward her. In fact, he has on multiple occasions stated that he hates her and feels that the only way to expel this hatred is to eliminate the individual it is aimed at (i.e. his mother). At one point they encounter one another and Hakuryuu dashes at her attacking her in full Djinn Equip Mode out of anger. His mother in return simply looks on with glee, elated to see her son filled with so much hatred.

Hakuei Ren

Hakuryuu has great love and respect for his sister, and worries over her well being and future as shown in a short comic.[78] After their family was murdered, Hakuryuu said he will always protect her. He also was angered into attacking his mother when she said that perhaps she should have killed Hakuei along with his brothers. However, he starts to distance himself from her, even not choosing to go by her side, answering to Judar they did not come for that.

In Belial's dungeon, an illusion of Hakuei is shown, which he was told, reflected what was in his mind. As he fell into depravity, he coldly looks down at his sister, who begged him to return to her side so they could fight together. He answers Judar's question on what he wants to do from now on and he brutally slices the illusion of his sister.

However, after finding out Arba had possessed Hakuei, Hakuryuu goes to great lengths to get her back and during a battle against Arba he tells Aladdin and the others not to hurt her body too much because it was still his sister's. After Aladdin expels Arba from Hakuei's body Hakuryuu goes over to Aladdin and grumpily asks him if he would stop holding his sister like that.

Hakuyuu Ren

Apparently, he admires his late older brother so much, since Hakuryuu's current clothes are almost identical with Hakuyuu ones. This is because after the death of Hakuyuu, Hakuryuu mimics the appearance of his brother.[79]


Because of his past, Hakuryuu didn't like Judar, considering him a pawn of Al-Thamen. For this reason, he refused several times Judar's offer to enter into a Dungeon summoned by him and become his King Vessel. After the death of Koutoku Ren, Hakuryuu experienced a drastic change and felt completely alone, and Judar came to him offering his hand again.[80][81] In the latest chapters it has been showed that Hakuryuu finally has joined him and are planning something together.[82][83] Judar claims that Hakuryuu is the only person who shares the same thing he has: hatred for his mother, Gyokuen Ren.

He still seems to have faith in Judar as he sets out later to find the Magi.

Post time skip, Hakuryuu can track down Judar because Judar carries the seed of Netsuemegusa.[84]


Hakuryuu deeply loves Morgiana, after finding out her background and getting to know each other. He likes her enough that he proposed to her and promised to make her his empress. He said he will never give up until she loves him back, declaring he will come back to propose to her. However, after falling into depravity, he displays his contempt for her after slaughtering Belial's illusion of her and then vowing to kill the real one. [85][86]

After Morgiana saved him from attempted suicide he could barely look at her. However, Morgiana claimed she would be there for him and stop him if she must, adding that she wanted him to live.

The two seemed to have mended their friendship and trust each other greatly when in battle. However, Aladdin notes after Alibaba proposed to Morgiana that he shouldn't feel depressed over his "unrequited love" and will surely find a girl of his own someday, the prince is understandably irritated at the young Magi's words and tells him to go back to the Kou Empire. [87]

Alibaba Saluja

He has a slight rivalry with Alibaba, mainly because Morgiana has a crush on him. However, they do get along with each other, and Hakuryuu even teases Alibaba when asked if he could do a Djinn Equip. In Belial's dungeon, it was shown that although he wanted to accept his hand and help, he still refused to take it. Furthermore, after falling into depravity, Hakuryuu has now changed and is now willing to kill his former friend.[88]

When he had a conversation with Morgiana, he asked her why she didn't hate him for killing Alibaba, revealing that he did show some regret over killing his friend. [89] After Alibaba's return, the two have returned back to the old friendship they once had. [90]


It is shown that he and Aladdin get along well. When Hakuryuu leaves for Kou and asks Aladdin if he would get help from him, Aladdin responds he'll help him as his "friend" and only in his time of need.[91]

Their friendship seemed to be mended slightly as he was willing to let Kouen live and allowing Aladdin to use magic to create an illusion of Kouen's execution. After a few more years, they seem to be good friends again like they were in the past and Aladdin even teases Hakuryuu about his love life, much to the prince's chagrin. [92]

Seisyun Ri

In a side comic, it is shown these two are sparring partners and get along. However, they have small problems with each other (for Seisyun, Hakuryuu's height) and quarrel until Hakuei shows up.[78]


  • His name means White Dragon.
  • "Hakuryuu" is the Japanese pronunciation; in Chinese his name would be Báilóng.
  • Hakuryuu is the third person in the world to capture more than one Dungeon, right after Sinbad and Kouen Ren.
  • His specialty is spearmanship.[93]
  • His hobby is cooking.[94][93]
  • Both his favorite and the least favorite food is Hakuei's homemade cooking.[93]
  • His favorite type is a brave woman, like his sister,[95] and he doesn't like frivolous people.[93]
  • His favorite way to spend days off is training.[93]
  • His weakness is jokes.[94]
  • According to Seisyun Ri, one of Hakuryuu's legendary childhood weaknesses was mistakenly calling other adults mother or sister.[96]
  • The person Hakuryuu is interested in is Alibaba, but he refuses to say the reason.[2]
  • When Hakuryuu was in Sindria, his teacher was Spartos.[2]
  • According to Morgiana, he smells of kind and cozy plants.[94]
  • In the anime, the color of both of his eyes are still different, but the shades of blue change after each of his appearances.
  • In his early design, he was supposed to be Hakuei's older brother. According to Ohtaka the story might have been completely different had their relationship been kept like this. Ohtaka notes how this Hakuryuu looks mentally strong despite his appearance not being too different from the final design and wonders why.[97]
  • When he was young he had a nightmare in which his whole family perished because of an enemy nation, and only he and Hakuei were survivors. This ends up coming true later on when his mother kills of most of the family, with only Hakuei and Hakuryuu left alive.[98]
  • So far, Hakuryuu is the only Dungeon Capturer with two Djinn, Belial and Zagan, of the same magic, Life.
  • Morgiana has stated that if Hakuryuu drinks he "ends up crying all night".[99]


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