Hadika Hadeka (共鳴棍 (ハディーカ・ハデーカ), Hadīka.Hadēka, Resonating Staff) is a Composite Magic which combines Sound Magic and Wind Magic. It uses Aladdin's Wand to make the air vibrate extremely fast by using Sound Magic. Its effective range is only around the staff itself, but it only consumes a little amount of Magoi. It can pulverize stone with one touch. Aladdin combines it with his martial arts to attack relentlessly. It is strong enough to break the Borg of Titus Alexius with multiple pinpoint of attacks.


Hadika Hadeka1
Hadika Hadeka2
Pulverizing stone by a single touch
Aladdins Martial Arts
Combined with his martial arts
Hadika Hadeka4
Breaking Titus' Borg


  • The words Hadika (هديك) and Hadeka (هداك) are respectively informal forms of Telka (تلك) and Hazak (هذاك).
  • Hadika and Hadeka both mean "that" with the difference of whom which is addressed to, the former for a singular female pronounce and the latter for male's.


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