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Gorgon (蛇人, Jajin) were a race that lived in Alma Torran. Astaroth was one of the most notable gorgons, before he became a Djinn.


The Gorgon race bore massive bodies with muscular physiques. They had hair which resembled snakes, with some members of the tribe styling their hair using hair bands. Some members of the race wore jewelry around their necks. Members of the Gorgon tribe have scale-like skin and have claws. [1]


The Gorgon race were created by Ill Ilah in Alma Torran. They were one of the many species that were overpowered by The Orthodox Church.

Astaroth was given one of the 72 Divine Staves by Solomon, later leading his own race to join Solomon's resistance against David and The Orthodox Church.[2]


It's likely that the Gorgon race are based on the mythological Gorgon sisters, Stheno, Euryale and Medusa.


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