Foraz Zora (風裂斬 (フォラーズ・ゾーラ), Forāzu.Zōra, Cleaving Wind) is an attack Sinbad uses when in Djinn Equip with his Djinn, Focalor. Sinbad uses this attack to summon two wind tornadoes around his hands, then places them together over his head, throwing down an enormous tornado that can destroy a mountain. He can also keep them seperate as two different tornadoes. He is also able to release smaller tornadoes from his palms, which were able to destroy Kougyoku's Extreme Magic.


Sinbad Wind
Sinbad drawing in the wind to attack
Foraz Zora
In the manga
Foraz zora
Foraz Zora used as two separated tornadoes


  • The name of this spell is possibly a corruption of the Arabic phrase زور الفرز Zūr Al-Farz, which roughly translates to "Force of Separation".


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