Fog Troupe vs Engi, Enshin & Entai is a fight between the members of the Fog Troupe with a help of the leader's friend, a Fanalis, Morgiana, the two of Sinbad's Eight Generals, Ja'far and Masrur, and the Kou Empire's Dungeon's creatures, Engi, Enshin and Entai.


After finishing off Ugo, Kougyoku Ren is attacked by Aladdin. She realizes that both of them, as well as the rest of present people, are enemies of her Empire and orders Engi, Enshin and Entai to defeat them.


Entai hits people using proboscises. Masrur stops him, but Entai's strength is on par with that of Masrur. Morgiana is attacked by Enshin's monsters but they are way too fast for her to counter, so Ja'far comes to support her. Alibaba fights with his swordplay, but soon is targeted by Engi. He dodges and blocks his attacks. Engi then asks Alibaba for a duel. The fight continues until Sinbad stops Kougyoku.


Those whose wounds are lighter or non-existent, such as Morgiana, help wounded ones by distributing water and bringing towels as well as carrying heavily injured to the rooms.


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