Fanalis Corps vs Magicians is a fight between a members of the Reim Empire's Fanalis Corps, and Magnostadt's Magicians.


Fanalis Corps are watching the Magicians' genocide attack. As they couldn't bear to watch it any longer, they come and destroy one of the Magic Tools with a giant stone.


The Fanalis Corps destroy Magnostadt's troops one after another with their outstanding kicks. They behead them without hesitation. Lo'lo' says it's been a long time since he felt like a Fanalis. Myron Alexius comments he must have a boner but can't lose it and acts as he does, screaming that Magicians should be quiet as they're only prey, but quickly reprimands herself that she must be refined to not ruin her brother's reputation. During the fight, Aladdin comes to aid other Magicians. Soon after, support of High-Class Magicians are seen. All of them surround the Fanalis Corps. The battle begins with 59 Magicians versus 22 members of the Fanalis Corps.

Myron kicks some of Magicians and realizes that their Borgs of different people and aren't the same. When attacked from mid-air, Lo'lo' shears part of the ground off to defend himself. To stop the Fanalis Corps, Aladdin thinks of restoring the barrier, but Myers points that such a great barrier can't be restored easily, so he thinks of another method. He connects a place where they are with water, remembering that the Fanalis aren't good with it, as it was in Morgiana's case. It does no damage to them, so Myers and others use Lightning Magic to finish the still-wet Fanalis off.

Myers explains that even if a single Magician is weak, if they combine their power they can be multiplied. What's more, weather, water and other natural phenomenons are a Magicians' ally.


As soon as the fight ends, Aladdin's Magi powers come back.


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