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Entai (閻体, Entai) was one of Dungeon Monsters that followed Kougyoku Ren.


Entai is a large elephant-like creature with three tusks that wears a Kou Empire outfit.


Entai appears to be very loyal to the Kou Empire and ruthless when fighting.


Entai was a Dungeon Monster who lived in an unknown Dungeon, until the Kou Empire captured it and followed them as a member.


Balbadd Arc

Entai came along with Kougyoku Ren to Balbadd for a wedding ceremony for the Princess. They find Judar defeated in the Fog Troupe headquarter and Entai is ordered by Kougyoku to defeat them. Entai hits people using proboscises. Masrur stops him, but Entai's strength is on par with that of Masrur. The fight continues until Sinbad stops Kougyoku and Entai and the rest return to the Balbadd palace until the wedding.

Later when Alibaba Saluja came to the palace with the intention of speaking with his eldest brother and King of Balbadd, Ahbmad Saluja, Entai is sent in to stop him. Entai attacks Alibaba with his proboscises and sends him flying. Alibaba unleashes Amon's flames but Entai twirls proboscises and deflects his attack. Entai then sucks in water and shoots it toward Alibaba, extinguishing the fire. Alibaba tries to cover himself with flames and Djinn Equip. As it's impossible, Entai hits him with proboscises, but Alibaba dodges. Entai thinks that Alibaba's flames are annoying so he shoots the water again. Alibaba tries to directly hit him, but falls down.

The pattern continues for a while, until Entai successfully hits Alibaba. When he is about to be killed, he uses his knife to pierce Entai. After finding a new resolve to fight, Alibaba is able to activate his Djinn Weapon Equip, Amol Saiqa, and cuts Entai in two.


Physical Abilities

He has great physical strength to the point that he can match Masrur, a pureblood Fanalis, in a contest of strength.




  • His name roughly means Gate of the Body, appropriate given his strength.


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