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Enshin (閻心, Enshin) was one of Dungeon Monsters that followed Kougyoku Ren.


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Full Appearance

Enshin is a large monkey-like creature with many red eyes that wears a Kou Empire outfit.


Enshin appears to be very loyal to the Kou Empire and ruthless when fighting.


Enshin was a Dungeon Monster who lived in an unknown Dungeon, until the Kou Empire captured it and followed them as a member.


Balbadd Arc

Enshin came along with Kougyoku Ren to Balbadd for a wedding ceremony for the Princess. They find Judar defeated in the Fog Troupe headquarter and Enshin is ordered by Kougyoku to defeat them. Morgiana is attacked by Enshin's monsters, but they are way too fast for her to counter, so Ja'far comes in to support her. The fight continues until Sinbad stops Kougyoku and Enshin and the rest return to Balbadd palace until the wedding.

Later when Alibaba Saluja came to the palace with the intention of speaking with his eldest brother and King of Balbadd, Ahbmad SalujaEntai was killed by the latter. Afterwards, Enshin appears in front of Alibaba with his monsters group, but Morgiana appears and fight s him instead. Morgiana kicks Enshin's mouth and knocks his teeth out. After a little chat with Alibaba, she scares the monsters with her Battle Cry. She then jumps towards them, threatening them that she will use her real strength. Morgiana is then seen after giving a last kick to her opponents, in which she survived until the end, and  then defeating them with it.


Physical Abilities

He was shown to possess great speed, almost being a match for Morgiana, a pure blood Fanalis, in a contest of speed.




  • His name roughly means Gate of the Heart.


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