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Engi (閻技, Engi) was one of Dungeon Monsters that followed Kougyoku Ren.


Engi Full
Full Appearance

Engi is a large cheetah hybrid creature that wears a Kou Empire outfit.


Engi appears to be very loyal to the Kou Empire and ruthless when fighting. But unlike Enshin and Entai, Engi appears to be honorable as he let Alibaba use a sword against his own sword.


Engi was a Dungeon Monster who lived in an unknown Dungeon until the Kou Empire captured it and followed them as a member.


Balbadd Arc

Engi came along with Kougyoku Ren to Balbadd for a wedding ceremony for the Princess. They find Judar defeated in the Fog Troupe's headquarters and Enshin is ordered by Kougyoku to defeat them. Alibaba fights with his swordplay, but is soon targeted by Engi. He dodges and blocks his attacks. Engi then asks Alibaba for a duel. The fight continues until Sinbad stops Kougyoku and Engi and the rest return to the Balbadd palace until the wedding.

Later when Alibaba Saluja came to the palace with the intention of speaking with his eldest brother and King of Balbadd, Ahbmad Saluja, and Entai were killed by the latter, Engi appears in front of Alibaba and both of them charge on one another, clashing their swords. Thanks to his Amol Saiqa, Alibaba cuts Engi's sword into two, but when he is prepared to use his final attack, he runs out of Magoi. Engi then draws out his spare sword and declares it will be the battle concerned on sword skills only. Alibaba grabs the barrel and slashes it, making the oil drain. He then kindles his sword and lets out the flames, which activates Amol Saiqa again. After that, Engi is cut by it and dies.


Physical Abilities

He seemed to possess some knowledge of swordplay as he put up a fight against Alibaba's sword skills.




  • His name roughly means Gate of Skill.


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