Eight Trigrams Talismans (八卦札, Hakke Fuda) are pieces of paper that draw on the eight attributes of magic. The Kou Empire's underground magic research facility has developed a process to mass produce talismans.[1]

Eight Attributes

  1. Thunder Talisman (震卦札, Shin-ke Fuda):[1] Channeling Lightning Magic, it can be used to power ships.[2]
  2. Heaven Talisman (乾卦札, Ken-ke Fuda): Channeling Life Magic, the purple paper stops decomposition and can revive the dead.[3] It can also keep produce chilled and unspoiled.[2]
  3. Fire Talisman (離卦札, Ri-ke Fuda): Channeling Heat Magic, the red paper ignites when touched.[4]
  4. Earth Talisman (坤卦札)[1]
  5. Mountain Talisman (艮卦札)[1]
  6. Water Talisman (坎卦札)[1]
  7. Wind Talimsan (巽卦札)[1]
  8. Marsh Talisman (兌卦札)[1]


  • Teleportation Magic Circle (転送魔法陣, Tensō Mahō-jin):[5] Channeling Space–Time Magic, a circle of talismans teleports objects to a corresponding circle.[6]


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