8 Gen

The Eight Generals (八人将, Hachi Nin Shō) were Sindria Kingdom's strongest eight warriors who always take the lead in time of need.


Famed for being the guardians of Sindria, they are very popular with the people. All the members of the Eight Generals are guests from allied nations, with some being from royal families, symbolizing the union of the Seven Seas Alliance.[1] They moved to Sindria and became close to Sinbad for one reason or another. All the members greatly respect Sinbad and refer to him as either "My King", "Master" or "Sin".

According to Sinbad, they played an active role in founding the Sindria Kingdom.

Combat forces

There are primary combat forces under the direct command of the Eight Generals. Comprised of people with special combat efficiency, their strength is second only to the Generals. These tough fighters train hard day after day, aiming to be their successors.[1]


Sindria Arc

8 Generals

Sinbad and the Eight Generals (from right to left; Pisti, Masrur, Drakon, Sinbad, Hinahoho, Ja'far, Sharrkan, Yamraiha & Spartos)

The Eight Generals arrive as a group, when a Southern Creature attacks Sindria. Instead of being scared, the people are excited to see the fight and have a feast after half a year. When the beast is about to attack, Sharrkan is ordered by Sinbad to take care of it. Sharrkan quickly deals with the monster and at the same time, prepars the feast. Later Sinbad introduces the Eight Generals to Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana. When Sinbad is accused of shaming Kou Empire's eight Princess, Kougyoku Ren, none of the Eight Generals believe he is innocent, much to the dismay of Sinbad. He then ultimately asks Yamraiha to prove his innocence.


Name From
Ja'far Parthevia Empire
Masrur Dark Continent
Sharrkan Heliohapt Kingdom
Yamraiha Magnostadt
Pisti Artemyra
Spartos Sasan Kingdom
Drakon Parthevia Empire
Hinahoho Imuchakk


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