Dungeons (迷宮ダンジョン Danjon, literally meaning "Labyrinth") are mysterious buildings that appeared fourteen years prior to the current storyline. It is commonly known that, if one clears a dungeon, he or she will be bestowed with riches and power. Each dungeon is ruled by a DjinnMagi have the ability to make Dungeons appear and disappear at will.


After the desolation of Alma Torran, the surviving populace remained in underground cities for five years until they exhausted the remaining resources and moved to the new world created by Ugo. Solomon's 72 Household Members became the Djinn and stayed in the underground cities while the cities themselves became dungeons. There, the Djinn wait for a King Vessel to enter the dungeon and claim them as their own.

Since then, the Magi were dedicated to creating dungeons for their King Vessel. An example of this is Pernadius Alexius who has a Djinn as the chosen of Scheherazade.

Fourteen years prior to the start of the series, a strange building rose from the ocean. This was the first dungeon of the current generation of Magis, Baal. Scientists and soldiers alike took an immediate interest in it and, before long, there were a plethora of researchers who came to investigate the strange phenomenon. Their curiosity soon led them to explore the dungeon. However, none from thousands who entered left with their lives, which caused people to refer to it as "the hole of death". As people began to give hope on learning of the secrets of the Baal, one exploration, headed by Drakon of the Parthevia Empire was successful in their endeavor. Sinbad, a boy recruited by Drakon to help conquer Baal, was bestowed with the powers of the Djinn within it, Baal.

It is later revealed that the first Dungeon was summoned by the Magi, Yunan.


Each dungeon is different in appearance and difficulty. All have a different interior and exterior. This is because the Djinn that rule each choose the appearance or difficulty as they see fit.

Entry to Dungeons

Entry to Amon's Dungeon.png

All Dungeons have only one entry - through a gate. The gate is generally a semicircle and radiates a golden light. Upon entry, the feeling is similar to that of a mucous membrane.

Upon entering the Labyrinth's gate, one will fly through a pillar of light. Upon advancing on the correct path, treasures await. It is here that the Djinn Container can be found.

List of Dungeons

Dungeon Name Number Captured by
Baal (バアル, Baaru) 1st Dungeon Sinbad - Age: 14
Agares (アガレス, Agaresu) 2nd Dungeon Kouen Ren - Age: 16
Vassago (ヴァッサゴ, Vassago) 3rd Dungeon Armakan Amun-Ra
Valefor (ブァレフォール, Barefōru) 6th Dungeon Sinbad - Age: 15
Amon (アモン, Amon) 7th Dungeon Alibaba Saluja - Age: 17
Barbatos (バルバトス, Barubatosu) 8th Dungeon Muu Alexius
Paimon  (パイモン, Paimon) 9th Dungeon Hakuei Ren
Leraje (レラジェ, Reraje) 14th Dungeon Kouha Ren - Age: 15
Zepar (ゼパル, Zeparu) 16th Dungeon Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia - Age: 16
Purson (プルソン, Puruson) 20th Dungeon Ignatius Alexius
Cerberus (ケルベロス, Keruberosu) 24th Dungeon Mira Dianus Artemina
Glasya-Labolas (グラシャラボラス, Gurasharaborasu) 25th Dungeon Barbarossa
Astaroth (アシュタロス, Ashutarosu) 29th Dungeon Kouen Ren - Age: 16
Forneus (フォルネウス, Foruneusu) 30th Dungeon Rametoto
Furfur (フルフル, Furufuru) 34th Dungeon Sinbad - Age: 21
Phenex (フェニクス, Fenikusu) 37th Dungeon Kouen Ren - Age: 22
Focalor (フォカロル, Fokaroru) 41st Dungeon Sinbad
Vepar (ヴェパール, Vepāru) 42nd Dungeon Sinbad - Age: 24
Shax (シャックス, Shakkusu) 44th Dungeon Nerva Julius Caluades
Vinea (ヴィネア, Vinea) 45th Dungeon Kougyoku Ren
Crocell (クローセル, Kurōseru) 49th Dungeon Sinbad - Age: 25
Alloces (アロセス, Arosesu) 52nd Dungeon Darius Leoxses
Caim (カイム, Kaimu) 53rd Dungeon Takeruhiko Yamato
Zagan (ザガン, Zagan) 61st Dungeon Hakuryuu Ren - Age: 16
Belial (ベリアル, Beriaru) 68th Dungeon Hakuryuu Ren - Age: 18
Dantalion (ダンタリオン, Dantarion) 71st Dungeon Koumei Ren - Age: 20


  • Despite the fact that the world has only known about dungeons for the last fourteen years, the first known instance of a dungeon appearing is over 200 years ago by Scheherazade when she had her first King Vessel.
  • Ugo has explained that Dungeon Entrances are portals to Alma Torran, where the Dungeons are located.
  • Belial's Dungeon has shown to be the most unique thus far as one does not go though obstacles in order to reach the Treasury Room to meet the Djinn, in contrast to how most Djinn were confined in their vessels and, in Zagan's case, are restricted from ever moving freely in their Dungeons; instead, Belial meets the person directly and gives his judgment.


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