Dungeon Capturer (迷宮(ダンジョン)攻略者, Danjon Kōryakusha) is the 5th Night of the Magi anime's first season and the 5th Night overall.


Aladdin's faith in Hakuei is well-founded - she is trying to make the Kouga Clan a protectorate through peaceful means but falls victim to Ryosai’s scheme. Unaware of this, the Kouga Clan is enraged over the attack on Baba and prepares for battle.


As Aladdin rushes to take Baba to be treated, Hakuei learns that one of the soldiers was killed by an arrow from the Kouga Clan, and she leaves the army under the command of her aide, Ryosai, to learn the truth about the attack. As soon as Hakuei left, one of the Kou Empire soldiers comment on how the Kouga Clan did not kill any of their men, but they had to sacrifice one of their men. Ryosai explains that this is part of his plan to start a war. Hakuei comes across the clan who does not believe her words, even after she had herself wounded after refusing to fight back. Baba, who is brought there by Aladdin under her request, reaffirms her decision to have the Kouga become a protectorate of the Kou Empire and allows the princess to return. After Baba dies from her wounds, her spirit appears before Aladdin, who confirms that he is indeed a Magi.

Hakuei returns to the camp just to find Ryosai and his troops ready for war. She learns that it was all a plot of his to have her killed and for Ryosai to take command of her troops. Hakuei and her assistant, Seisyun, fight against the troops. However, Hakuei's Metal Vessel runs out of Magoi, causing them to lose the fight. Aladdin arrives and uses his powers to knock Ryosai and the troops back. Then, Aladdin notices Hakuei's Metal Vessel. Then, Paimon, the Djinn inside Hakuei's Metal Vessel materializes. Aladdin learns from Paimon that Hakuei is her King Candidate, appointed by a Magi who lives in the Kou Empire. After bidding farewell to the Kouga Clan, Aladdin informs the Kouga Clansmen about a slave named Goltas who happened to be part of their clan. The Kouga Clansmen thank Aladdin for helping Goltas to the very end. Aladdin joins a caravan looking to reunite with Alibaba.

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, the Kouga Clan ambushes Hakuei and Seisyun in the village. Compared to the anime, this occurs at a canyon.
  • Scene Altercation: In the manga, a soldier reports to Hakuei that the Kouga Clan attacked them. Whereas in the anime, a dead Kou Empire soldier is used to confirm that Kouga Clan initiated the fight.


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