The Divine Staves (神杖, Shinjō) are 72 special staves that are able to receive a great quantity of Magoi sent by Ill Ilah. They were given to the humans of Alma Torran 800 years ago by Ill Ilah in order to create "world peace". However, the corrupted Elder Council of the Magician's Orthodox monopolized the staves and started to use them oppress the other species. By constructing special towers where unknowing magicians gradually sacrificed their life force to seal the ability to think from all the species apart from humans. The objective of the Resistance created by Solomon Jehoahaz Abraham was to steal them.[1]

The Divine Staves can be modified to allow non-humans to use magic like they were magicians, albeit limited to one magic type. This was only possible because of Uraltugo Noi Nueph. The staves were also used to create Isolation barriers to nullify the Orthodox magicians' magic and create safe zones for the other species to live in.

However, when Solomon replaced Ill Ilah as "god" of Alma Torran, the 72 Divine Staves lost their ability to receive Magoi from god, becoming ordinary staves.

Later on Queen Sheba, along with Uraltugo Noi Nueph, developed Magical Tools based on the 72 Divine Staves, that will be later known as Metal Vessels.


  • It is possible that Judar also wields one of the Divine Staves as he has opened his Third Eye, which is black, with the help of his new "power".


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