Dhoruf Sabaha (推力反作衝 and 重力反作衝 (ゾルフ・サバーハ), Zorufu.Sabāha, "Thrust Reaction" and "Gravity Reaction" respectively) is a type of Magic Solomon uses. By manipulating the Dhorrs (powers) into certain Reils (pathways), he is able to alter the fundamental laws of physics in order to repel objects either from himself or against the direction of the world's gravity in order to lift up the target into the outer atmosphere. Aladdin became able to use this type of Magic as well thanks to the Wisdom of Solomon, that allowed him to learn it from the Rukh of Alma Torran magicians.


Thrust Reaction effect
Gravity Reaction effect
Dhoruf Sabaha by Aladdin
Aladdin using Dhoruf Sabaha


  • The name of this magic is derived from the Arabic phrase ظروف الصباح Ẓurūf Aṣ-Ṣabāḥ, meaning "Morning Circumstances". The "morning circumstances" probably refers to the rising of the sun, which here is being compared to the rising or pushing away of the target.


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