Dhoruf Luyila (重力累加衝 (ゾルフ・ルイーラ), Zorufu.Ruīra, Gravity Accumulation) is a type of Magic Solomon Jehoahaz Abraham uses. By manipulating the Dhorrs (powers) into certain Reils (pathways), he is able to alter the fundamental laws of physics in order to increase the acceleration due to gravity in a chosen region of space in order to cause the target within that region to fall at high speeds, which can be used offensively by making the target brutally impact the ground.




  • The name of this magic is a corruption of the Arabic phrase ظروف الليل Ẓurūf Al-Layl, meaning "Night Circumstances". The "night circumstances" probably refers to the setting of the sun, which here is being compared to the falling or pulling down of the target.


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