Dhell-Dhell Dhalam (万華影陣ゼッルゼッル・ザラーム Zerruzerru Zarāmu, "Kaleidoscope Shadow Formation") is the Extreme Magic of Byoln's Dark Metal Vessel. Byoln uses all of his shadow copies, made from his Dark Metal Vessel powers, to form a shape resembling a kaleidoscope. Byoln and all of his copies attack the enemy at the same time.


  • The name of this Extreme Magic is a corruption of the Arabic phrase ظَلام​ ظِلّ الظِلّ Ẓalām Ẓill Al-Ẓill (Ẓ is pronounced as an emphatic "dh" - as in the English word "the", but not as "thin"), which means "Shadow Shadow Darkness".
  • The former spelling "Zetulz Etul" is a misreading of Japanese ゼッルゼッル (Zerruzerru) as ゼツルゼツル (Zetsuruzetsuru).


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