Determination and Separation (決意と決別, Ketsui to Ketsubetsu) is the 12th Night of the Magi anime's first season and the 12th Night overall.


Aladdin is still unconsciuous. Alibaba, wanting to do something about the Balbadd slavery plan, gets 'picked up' by Cassim who reveals that they will be marching in war against the Royal Family. Alibaba, of course, objects to that and decides to become stronger by mastering his Djinn Equip. As so, he still barges into the Royal Family to stop Abhmad's plan once and for all.


Before returning to the palace, Sahbmad warns Alibaba that in five days, Ahbmad will marry one of the Kou Empire's princesses and in the occasion, his decision to turn the people of Balbadd into slaves will be announced. Some time later while Aladdin still shows no signs of waking up, Alibaba is informed by Sinbad that in order to stop Abhmad's plans and prevent the country to be taken over by the Kou Empire, he must assume the throne of Balbadd.

As Alibaba wanders the streets thinking about it, he is approached by Cassim, who is among what remains of the Fog Troupe. Cassim reveals to Alibaba that he already knows about Ahbmad's slavery plan and helped by the weapons dealer who supplies their magic tools, he intends to start a rebellion in two days. Alibaba refuses to cooperate with him, and affirms that he will look for a solution which does not involve the death of anyone.

After Alibaba is driven away by Cassim, he turns to Sinbad and asks him to teach him how to properly use his Djinn. Some time later, Morgiana tries to find Alibaba with no success and realizes that he had left to confront his brother alone. Meanwhile at the palace gates, Alibaba stands before the guards, asking them to let him in.

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • Anime Exclusive Scene: During their conversation, Alibaba is in the light while Cassim is in the shadows.


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