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Davashadil IV (ダバシャディール4, Dabashadīru 4) was the 31st king of the Parthevia Empire


Davashadil is a fairly old man who has white hair. His hair is well groomed and is divided on both sides. He has small eyes and has wide eyebrows. He wears a crown, a ring on his right hand and wears some kind of armory with a cape attached to it. He holds a staff that looks like a clover.


Nothing is known about Davashadil's personality.


He was the king who led the Parthevians into victory against a nearby continent.


Badr Arc

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The following information has to do with the spinoff/prologue to Magi, Adventure of Sinbad.

Davashadil IV stands in front of his citizens. He tells them that now they're standing in the turning point of history. He begins by telling how Parthevia was but a small country a few years ago and until now, they've been fighting to break free from the control of continents nearby. Then, he points his finger up and announces that Parthevia has won and they've gained the final victory. After that, he watches his overwhelmed-with-happiness-citizens with a smile.[1]


None of this character's abilities have been shown.


None of this character's relationships have been shown.



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