The Dark Metal Vessel is a Metal Vessel that only our “Organization” is able to create. The “Solomon Metal Vessels” use the White Rukh as food, while the Dark Metal Vessels use the Black Rukh as food.

—Ithnan, talking about Dark Metal Vessels

Dark Metal Vessels are the objects (weapons, jewelry, accessories, etc) that contain Black Rukh.

Black Rukh

This Rukh is essentially the opposite of White Rukh. It comes from hatred and frustration, and is used to power the Dark Metal Vessels. The technique to produce Dark Metal Vessels was perfected by Matal Mogamett and his fellow magicians from Magnostadt during its ploy to overthrow the Musta'sim Kingdom. By that time, they were supported by Al-Thamen who learned the process of fabrication from them and used it to empower their agents, including a sworn enemy of Magnostadt, princess Dunya Musta'sim, which led Mogamett to cut ties with Al-Thamen.


Dark Metal Vessels are essentially opposite from Metal Vessels. Metal Vessels hold Djinn and are able to use their powers. However, Dark Metal Vessels don't use Djinn, but instead use Black Rukh to use Magic. One particular thing they can do is transform into Dark Djinn. By stabbing themselves with their Dark Metal Vessel, Black Rukh starts to surround them until they become a giant Dark Djinn. Each of these Dark Djinn have different abilities depending on the Dark Metal Vessel. Despite their differences, their appearances are similar.

Dark Metal Vessel Users

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