Dante Al-Thais (七星転送方陣 (ダンテアルタイス), Dantearutaisu, Big Dipper Transfer Circle) is an attack of Koumei Ren, when in Full Djinn Equip with his Djinn, Dantalion. It utilizes Space and Time Magic and is performed after drawing the constellation, Big Dipper, with his fingers in the air. It then appears as large as he wants in the designated area and it acts as a magic circle that can teleport objects or persons through it to another drawn constellation. He is also able to transfer the potential damages that a certain area may receive away from the place and can even teleport an entire mountain to another area, but it is quite exhausting for him.


Big Dipper 2
Multiple circles at once


  • This attack is named after the constellation, Big Dipper, due to Koumei drawing the constellation before the attack.


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