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Chuu'un (忠雲, Chū'un) is the assistant of Koumei Ren and a member of his household.[1]


He is a tall man with long hair. He wears long clothes and a helmet that covers his eyes. He always carries a bow and arrows.




Second Sindria Arc

Chuu'un is shown for first time in the army's base in Balbadd, behind Kouen Ren, along with other members of Kou's army.

World Exploration Arc

When Hakuei Ren returns, he appears behind Koumei Ren. Chuu'un notices Hakuryuu's household approaching and warns Koumei. 

Second Balbadd Arc

Alma Torran Arc


Physical Abilities

He might be a skilled archer, as he always carries around a bow and a quiver full of arrows.

Household Vessel

Chuu'un is a part of Koumei's Household, so he can use the powers of his Djinn, Dantalion.


Koumei Ren

Although Chuu'un doesn't say anything unnecessary to Koumei, he still grieves a little over his carefreeness.[1]


  • Although he was introduced in Night 116, he wasn't named until Night 213.
  • His name means Faithful Cloud
  • "Chuu'un" is the Japanese pronunciation; in Chinese his name would be Zhōngyún.
  • In his first and second appearance, he wore two different helmets.
  • In the anime his hair is brown, but in the manga it is purple, as shown on the cover of the Magi Character Encyclopedia.



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