Ceylan Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia (セイラン・ディクメンオウルス・ドゥ・パルテビア Seiran Dikumen'ourusu Du Parutebia) is the 32nd Emperor of Parthevia Empire.


Ceylan seems to be a well-built man, and tall as well having blonde hair and pale skin.




Final Arc

When Alibaba seek Ceylan's approval on opening a Kou Empire trading post in Parthevia, Ceylan approves without a second thought, knowing that Sinbad had exchanged talks with Alibaba earlier. Alibaba asks Ceylan whether he knows Sinbad personally. Ceylan replies he is thankful to Sinbad for helping him secure the throne. He tells Alibaba to wait for the Parliament's approval. [1]



  • Ceylan is a Turkish surname and also means "gazelle" in Persian carān جران.
    • It is also similar to the former name of Sri Lanka, Ceylon. In Japanese, セイロン (seiron) is a single kana different from セイラン (seiran)。His sister's name follows a similar pattern, with her name being similar to one of the Japanese transliterations for Serendip (also sometimes spelled Serendib), another name for Sri Lanka that appears in the voyages of Sinbad as told in 1001 Nights.


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