• Takashichea

    According to Anime News Network and Ohtaka's Vol.363/2017年9月20日, the manga has made an announcement that will end within 4 chapters and if there is no break, it will end on October 18, 2017.

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  • Takashichea

    Welcome to the community spotlight where we share what happens in the community.

    New Wiki Pages:

    • Night 347
    • Night 348

    Wiki Editors:

    • Dragonus Nesha
      • Change the format that Taka used on shortcuts for Gyokuen and Arba's story arcs
      • Linking for chapters associated with AoS Volume 13
    • Edefrfrtgtgtyhyfdrfgr3443433: Added unref Metal Vessel Users' 2 Djinns of the same element
    • Gamewizard2008: grammar fix on Kougyoku and added location to Dark Continent
    • KouPriest: minor grammar fix on Sharrkan, Ja'far, Kouha Ren
    • LuisYKW12: found against vandalism
    • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar
    • Takashichea
    • TPIRFanSteve: While he did fix code and had trouble explaining, he did not inform the wiki admins in advance of editing the templates.


    • Korean Bots spamming in the forum threads
    • Soujiokit…
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  • Takashichea

    Welcome to the community spotlight where we share what happens in the community.

    New Wiki Pages:

    • Ala Raqesa
    • Sham Lash
    • Ja'far's Father and Mother pages
    • Magi Night 342-346
    • AoS: Volume 13

    Wiki Editors:

    • 宿命
      • was fixing Kanji and Romaji. Problem with 宿命 is that he or she doesn't provide any references and links during edits
    • Dragonus Nesha:
      • habits: space out templates, change contractions (example: Can't -> Cannot), makes spaces between H2 Headers, added reading code for Kanji
    • Fabio2345:
      • minor chapter listing update
    • LuisYKW12
      • help fight vandalism
    • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar
      • Created chapters 342-346, AoS volume 13
      • Updated manga's chapter listings and story arc
      • added 339, 342, 344 and 345 summaries
    • Rosak
      • created Ala Raqesa page
    • Takashichea:
      • Help format Sham Lash, Ja'far Father and…

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  • NejiHyuga2

    Magi Fanon Icon

    April 23, 2017 by NejiHyuga2

    Just a user skimming through wikias. Hi, guys. I'm Neji, who's favorite wikia is Naruto Fanon. So I was just skimming through wikias when I found the Magi Fanon. I could see that it was started in 2015 but has not moved an inch since then. Although I am relatively new to fandom (joined first wikia in December 2016), I want to reboot the spirit of Fandom for Magi.

    Ok, for this I had the idea of the original icon for this wikia but replace the words "The Labyrinth of Magic" with "Fanon". I could do it myself but I am very bad at editing pictures so I need some help.

    This might seem redundant but it's good if the basic infoboxes don't work. I am still learning how to code the infoboxes so bear with me if it sucks. My friends over at NF are allo…

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  • Takashichea

    Welcome to the community spotlight where we share what happens in the community.

    New Wiki Pages:

    • Magi Night 340- 341
    • AoS Night 129-132

    Wiki Editors:

    • Blow-me-draco
      • Ja'far thigh and scars trivia
    • Dragonus Nesha:
      • created pages for Magi Ch 340-341
      • habits: space out templates, change contractions (example: Can't -> Cannot)
    • LuisYKW12
      • help fight vandalism
      • minor edits to Al-Kimia Al-Qadma and Serendine
    • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar
      • template updates for Final Arc and recent magi chapter
      • Serendine and Zepar Djinn Equip image
      • Pipirika and Mystras minor edit relationships
      • created pages AoS 129-132
    • Rio.gibson.73
      • Judar's list of fights
    • Selfburner
      • removing double redirects
    • Takashichea:
      • Added Serendine's involvement in final arc
      • added Ch. 338 Summary
      • removing Slave Category
      • Added AoS details …
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  • Takashichea

    Welcome to the community spotlight where we share what happens in the community.

    New Wiki Pages:

    • Magi Night 334-339
    • AoS: Volume 12

    Wiki Editors:

    • ClaireRhods: added Kougyoku Ren cards that were renamed by Taka,
    • Dragonus Nesha: Magic Navbox, created Night 334-336, Thalg Hajar and Thalg Al-Salos Kanji
    • Fabio2345: minor edits to manga, story arcs, Night 337
    • LuisYKW12: help with vandalism
    • Juanito316: fixed Template:W1
    • Konekotama-shi : Gyokuen Ren's personality
    • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar
      • Updated Final Arc, Magi (Manga), Story Arcs
      • created Night 338-339
      • renamed all Sharrar to Shallall pages; Magic Navbox
      • added Night 335-336 summaries
      • minor edits to Southern Creatures, Djinn Equip
    • Shinrakugin: Changed Kassim to Cassim for Balbadd Arc
    • SYSdrago : minor edits to Borg
    • Takashichea:…
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  • Takashichea

    Emergency Wiki Backup

    February 3, 2017 by Takashichea

    Since we were hit with vandalism and lag, I don't think I know how to use my Rollbacks.

    I'll back up data on Gdocs.

    • Aladdin
    • Judar
    • Sinbad
    • Vittel

    Might delete this. Though, it might be a good idea to keep back up data.

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  • Takashichea

    Welcome to the community spotlight where we share what happens in the community.

    New Wiki Pages:

    • Adventure of Sinbad: Night 125-128
    • Magi Night 332
    • Magi Vol 32
    • Life goes on

    Wiki Editors:

    • Blademagic: minor edits to Aladdin's allies
    • ChronicleHunter: fixed grammar for episodes 1, 2, and 4
    • Dammitmagiruinedme added Naunami's plot/appearance, personality w/o refs
    • Dragonus Nesha: added Kanji and Chapter Titles for AoS 92-95, 96-100, 102, created Night 332 page, help with Nanaumi's links and grammar
    • DarkJohn75 : grammar fix on Ahbmad
    • Fabio2345: lurking and updating manga and story arcs
    • Ryukimura : Falan's relationship with Wahid
    • Juanito316 fixed Falan's Wikipedia cross links
    • JSOwen: Added Nerva's final arc details
    • LeafNinjaGoku: minor edit to Magic page which feels …
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  • Takashichea

    Welcome to the community spotlight where we share what happens in the community.

    New Wiki Pages:

    • Adventure of Sinbad: Night 123-124
    • Magi Night 330-331

    Wiki Editors:

    • Brandon2505 working on switch template, finding Aladdin's height, Gyokuen's unnamed siblings, working on List of Video Game Collaborations ‎
    • Juanito316 helping Taka learn how to make Wikipedia cross links
    • Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar working on character sandbox project, updating chapters' volume links, added summaries for AoS  123-124 and Magi Ch 330-331
    • Takashichea working on adding references, adding AoS English voices, transferring images for Magi: Dungeon & Magic and List of Video Game Collaborations, working on minor details for David, Aladdin, and Marga
    • Waleed Baqeer adding Sahsa's Bindi trivia …
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  • Takashichea

    Welcome to the community spotlight where we share what happens in the community.

    New Wiki Pages:

    • Chapter 326, 327, 328, 329
    • AoS 122
    • Volume 31, AoS Volume 11
    • ‎Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Official Fanbook: The Story of the Past and Present of Team Sindria - we made it because one of the editors mention one of the concept art came from this fanbook. Brandon found a blog that has some scans.
    • ‎MAGI: Dungeon & Magic - I found a video game where those card images came from ClaireRhods uploaded
    • List of Video Game Collaborations - a page that lists off Magi appearances in non Magi games.

    Wiki Editors:

    • Beckeckle -
    • Brandon2505 * Takeruhiko Yamato's appearance and trivia, list of video game collocations, David Jehoahaz Abraham's relationship with Sinbad and dele…
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  • Takashichea

    Guideline Roughdraft

    November 10, 2016 by Takashichea

    This is just a rough draft to be voted on by admins and wiki editors. Things will be missing. Just leave feedback. Thank you.

    Before editing one of the Wikia pages, be sure to check out the community Guidelines and Policies page to help keep the Wikia looking fresh and updated!

    Since it's complicated to stick to a Japanese or English only naming system regardless of fan or official used names in anime and manga, Magi Wikia will choose names on a case by case basis. For most of the reason, we choose names because is the name that most people would refer for that character. Sense Scan's names are used as a guideline but Magi Wikia will not stick 100% to it in some cases.


    • Reim instead of Leam
    • Borg instead of Bolg
    • Yamraiha instead of Yamurai…

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  • Takashichea

    Welcome everyone to the community spotlight! I do this monthly for any active Wikia where I'm an Admin or Bureaucrat. The purpose of this is promote the Wikia and showcase our best wiki works as well as current projects. Controversially, I point out any disputes.

    However, my plate is full as I'm an Admin of Anime Vice Wikia and Boards. I'm fully committed to that community as it's my home. Magi Wikia is more like a 3rd home to me.

    I will complete this report in full detail with dates.

    I briefly touch base on what big things happened.

    Last month, we had a discussion, a very heated one where Brandon asks the community to select new admins. I say heated because everyone had their different expectations and goals for this community as well as conc…

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  • Brandon2505

    In the most recent chapter (Night 323) we saw the death of one of the biggest characters in the series. That character is known as Sinbad. It's hard to let him go, despite all the terrible and trashy things he has done throughout the series he is one of the greatest characters in the series. Love him or hate him we're all going to miss him.

    Secondly, what are your thoughts on David? He has been revealed to have been living inside of Sinbad this entire time as the dark rukh inside of him. He's also planned this out over 1,100 years ago. That's better than Aizen from bleach. I was in shock at the effort he went through just to get this close to the sacred palace.

    What are you thoughts on the chapter, did you enjoy it or do you think that it co…

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  • UltraUgo


    July 30, 2016 by UltraUgo

    So, in light of Magi 314 and Alibaba's proposal to Morgiana, I'd like to know what everyone's thoughts are on the recent developments! Personally, while I would have preferred Alikou, I can't really complain about Alimor or Alikou. 

    I'm growing increasingly hopeful that Ohtaka might go out on a limb and make Juhaku cannon, with the "But it's fine! Hakuryuu still has Judar!" comment. It might just be wishful thinking... (TTヮTT)O0o。

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  • Rhaeroga

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  • WikiaRred

    Hello there. I've created a MyAnimeList club, related to Magi. It's an RP club. For those who are interested, click this:

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  • Cocovondon

    Different OTPs?

    June 7, 2016 by Cocovondon

    After reading the latest chapters, I am so confused about who I ship with who. I used to really like Alibaba and Morg together, but now I'm not so sure Alibaba being with Kou and Hakuryuu with Morg. Any thoughts?

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  • Cocovondon

    Different OTPs

    June 7, 2016 by Cocovondon

    And how does Nanauami have any relation to Hakuryuu? Why is she loyal to him?

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  • Saluja Alibaba

    I have a theory that Aladdin and other people who are gone missing , are in the Kina Kingdom because this nation was vanish in a year or so... or maybe aladdin using a counter magic for clairvoyance so that's why yunan can't find him either.

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  • Takashichea

    Thought I opened up discussion and hear folks' thoughts as the main series is diving deep into its final story arc. We had a lot of major, long running series ended in the last few years: Naruto, Medaka Box, Beelzebub, Sket Dance, Deadman Wonderland, Kuroko's Basketball and so much more. Magi will soon join the list.

    What do you want to wish to see in Magi?

    Thank you everyone, hope you have fun with this topic.

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  • DianaPana

    AoS 44

    December 25, 2015 by DianaPana

    So far i've gotten to chapter 44 from AoS and there are 2 things i NEED to mention.

    FIrst of all Spartos at 8 years is...SO KAWAII!! Like omg! Cuteness leve: 9000+

    Second of all The talk between Darius and Mystras was so heart breaking...Father-Son goals!

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  • Kingdomheartslover1
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  • Kagani55

    a little about me

    September 3, 2015 by Kagani55

    Hello my name is Kagani u can call me K for short i am a teenage boy whose occupations are School,anime,videogames,music,my laptop (its accualy the schools ) and a few other teenage boy things. I am a student so monday through friday will not be avaible until a bit after 3:30 us time zone but I LOVE to talk and am always good to talk about anying. My main pet peve is are being adressed as a girl so if at all possible i will adress u as the proper gender. and i LOVE!!!!! anime so plz suggest some 4 me thanks

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  • EchoPH

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  • GouenjiShuuya'123

    Has the mangaka confirmed or is there any legitimate information about Magi ending soon? Or has it still got a lot of life left? 

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  • AriaFlight16

    I was relieved to find a scanned translation of Magi 265, and the tensions between the Ren family is kind of upsetting. I really don't want the two sides fighting, but without Judar or Alibaba back, I don't think there's any way to stop it at this point; and with Aladdin preoccupied with his time in trying to find his friend, the war only looks more and more inevitable. That lady with the monochromic hair near Hakuryuu worries me, she reminds me of Nut Cracker (from Tokyo Ghoul Re:) and Gyokuen mixed together which doesn't sound like a good thing; I wonder what her role in this war will be? If I may add, Kougyoku looks aboslutely drowned in despair, the two people who she felt so close to in this world are gone, who wouldn't feel horrible? …

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  • Nne-chan

    Where is Arba?

    May 9, 2015 by Nne-chan

    Since its my first time here at Magi wiki I want to open up a topic that can be find very very interesting.. I thought about "Where is Arba?" because I really don't think that she is dead.. I only think that Gyokuen, as in GYOKUEN is dead.. After reading many forums about this, I thought maybe Arba is on someone else's body, but who? It is stated in the manga that ARBA IS NOT ON THEIR WORLD and is ON ANOTHER DIMENSION.. Its not maybe for me but I really think that she uses magic to come to the world they are in like Falan and Ithnan.. When Hakuryuu killed Gyokuen, Judal said that she did not turned into a doll means that she is the real thing but I really think that the second after she made her rukh explode she released Gyokuen's body and…

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  • RinkakuKagune

    Magi Fanfic

    March 27, 2015 by RinkakuKagune

    I've finished making my new Magi Fanfic Wiki , please go on it guys!

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  • RinkakuKagune


    February 13, 2015 by RinkakuKagune

    I'm going to create a Magi Fanon wiki

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  • Ascheriit


    October 21, 2014 by Ascheriit

    Hi there, for the Ren Hakuryuu page, please note that in the last scan, Judal did mentionned Hakuryuu gained two new Djinns, which means he have 3 now. So my change was relevant. There are one Djinn in each of his spear's blade, at each extremity and one in his shoulder protector (or whatever it is called). Here's the source : Ascheriit (talk) 04:40, October 21, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Itavin456

    Judar Divine Staff

    October 17, 2014 by Itavin456

    Where did Judar find a Divine Staff? And why does it work if ot is told that it wont be able to work anymore?

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  • Itavin456

    Judar's new pwoer

    October 17, 2014 by Itavin456

    Where do you think Judar got a Divine Staff? And who is nit that it workes as it suposses to be?

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  • GouenjiShuuya'123

    Quick question

    September 6, 2014 by GouenjiShuuya'123

    I just started to read the Magi manga, but I'm also interested in the anime. Does the anime have the same story as the manga? (I mean does it follow it chapter by episode, or whatever), cos' I don't want to be spoiled by the anime considering I'm further in the manga.

    So yeah, would the anime spoil me? Should I just wait till I catch up to the manga? Do the manga and anime follow the same plot?

    I'd appreciate an answer~

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  • Eriksgirl93

    Okay so as far as i have found Alibaba marries Morgiana to me thoses two make a great couple. I have no clue who else is in a relationship in MAGI

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  • Jasmine444

    What are hakuryuu's intentions? Why was he apologizing to morgiana, alibaba and aladdin?

    What did he mean when he said he turned his back on the path they chose?

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  • Bleach Hisugaya

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  • 15sok

    What magic item would you like to have from the series. It could be Metal Vessel, Household Vessel, etc. 

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  • LotusthePanda

    New User Here

    October 27, 2013 by LotusthePanda

    Hey there, I'm a new user here. You can call me Panda, Lotus, or Drew. I really like Magi and decided to edit here. I kinda made this blog because I wanted to be introduced myself I like Cartoon Network shows, Animanga, sports, and video games like Little Big Planet. I also noticed that there is no chat? Just wondering why because it could be a good way for users to interact with each other. Anyways I guess that's it for this blog and again hello.

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  • Red Eyed Raven


    August 25, 2013 by Red Eyed Raven

    hello everyone, im a new user on this wiki (though i've been on wiki's in general for about 5 months now) and normally i would introduce myself on chat but this wiki doesnt have one, so i made this blog instead. I just completed the magi series and its spin off adventures of sinbad about two weeks ago and i really enjoyed it so i thought i would check out this wiki and maybe join. so far i've made 6 edits but they have just been minor stuff like removing red links and fixing small grammatical errors and i was wondering if they was anything else i could do besides that to help out the wiki. oh and i believe the raws for night 194 night are out so the translated chapter should be out soon, i think the title is "the hour of downfall"

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  • Chandera

    I mean, he's been used by an evil organistation since he was a kid, he's an orphan and it's only due to a really bad upbringing that Judar is such a dick ( = ^=,). Alot of the comments on Judar after his appearances in episodes are really negative, and heaps of people seem to want him to die... I think he's a pretty unpopular character for being all villianous against the main characters. But I feel like it's not entirely his fault, because he does have orders to kill.

    So what do you guys feel about Judar? Do you think he's entirely the villan at fault? I really want to know other peoples opinions! ( ' U ' ) /

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  • Jojo-a-gogo

    Hi fellow Magi fans. I'm back and I'm all catch up with the manga!I have to say this war ihas done nothing but go beyond my expectations. This is a war done right Kishimoto(NO OFFENSE Naruto faithfuls). All I gotta say....Mu and Fanalis Corp... Damn!  He might just equip next week. Speaking of Mu..

    In a free for all battle of the swords who do you think would win,Sharkkhan,Mu Alexius or Ren Kouha?

    I like sharkkhan and kouha but i'm gonna put my money on Mu. Not only because he's a dungeon conqueror but because that dudes part Fanalis!  I do think Sharkkhan would do some serious damage considering that Alibaba could draw blood from mu but just kin jitsu alone won't save him if Mu dijinn equips(since he can only use his vessel for a few minute…

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  • Shanghaikid2007

    Hello fello Magi fans!

    I have just a short story of how I got into Magi for this blog post.  I saw that this anime's episodes had been pretty popular for a couple of weeks.  I thought I would give it a chance since I hadn't had any anime binge watching since I caught up with One Piece 1 month ago (580 episodes is so much!).  Magi was pretty awesome in just a few episodes, so I decided to keep watching.  After I caught up with the anime, I binge read the manga and now, I'm fully caught up with Magi.  Now, I'm trying to improve the wiki as much as I can, starting with Aladdin.

    Other manga/anime I'm interested in are Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, Naruto, and One Piece. 

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  • Jojo-a-gogo

    I just became one of the BIGGEST Magi fans.I watch the anime and I'm currently reading the manga too.

    Since I'm new around here,I wanted to bring up an interesting topic for my fellow Magi fans. Who are your Top 10 fav characters in Magi? Mine are....





    5.Ren Hakuryuu

    6. Sharrakan

    7. Mu


    9. Masrur

    10. Alibaba

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  • Roboartitec

    The character songs 01 of Magi are available at:

    Here is the song list:

    1. Magic - Aladdin
    2. One Step Further - Alibaba
    3. ファナリス - Morgiana
    4. Magic (Off Vocal Version)
    5. One Step Further (Off Vocal Version)
    6. ファナリス (Off Vocal Version)
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  • ManikWorld


    December 3, 2012 by ManikWorld

    Upgraded to the new Forums System

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  • ManikWorld

    Character Plots

    November 18, 2012 by ManikWorld

    If anybody would like to help write/rewrite summaries for characters plots, please leave a message here.

    • Morgiana - Dungeon Arc/Morgiana Arc
    • Jafar - Balbadd Arc
    • Sinbad - Balbadd Arc
    • Masrur - Balbadd Arc
    • Hassan - Balbadd Arc
    • Zaynab - Balbadd Arc
    • Kassim - Balbadd Arc
    • Hakuei Ren - Kouga Arc
    • Seishun Ri - Kouga Arc
    • Dorji - Kouga Arc
    • Baba - Kouga Arc
    • Toya - Kouga Arc
    • Ryosai - Kouga Arc
    • Kougyoku Ren - Balbadd Arc
    • Judal - Balbadd Arc
    • Markkio - Balbadd Arc
    • Weapons/Arms Dealer - Balbadd Arc
    • Ahbmad Saluja - Balbadd Arc
    • Sahbmad Saluja - Balbadd Arc
    • Barkak - Balbadd Arc
    • Koubun Ka - Balbadd Arc
    • Bator - Kouga Arc
    • Boyan - Kouga Arc
    • Nadja - Morgiana Arc
    • Fatima - Morgiana Arc
    • Ugo - Dungeon Arc/Kouga Arc/Morgiana Arc/Balbadd Arc
    • Paimon - Kouga Arc
    • Amon - Dungeon Arc

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  • ManikWorld


    November 8, 2012 by ManikWorld

    Does anyone know how to make high quality gifs? If so, I would like to commission you to do some, or can you teach me how to do it?

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  • ManikWorld

    Episode 5

    October 29, 2012 by ManikWorld

    The staff tweeted in the official Magi twitter page that there will be next week an anime original change. It seems Hakuei will Djinn Equip next episode, the designs for the outfit is by the author Shinobu Ohtaka herself. I wonder if they did these for censorship reasons as well you know.....Paimon is naked and all and didn't want bother with censorship.....just a thought (

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  • White Pedestal

    ??? Magic

    October 26, 2012 by White Pedestal

    Okay, this time topic is about one of Sphintus's Magic, Yoah Reg. As we know, Yoah Reg is healing magic that cures fatigue and induces strong sleep state when cast on people or living things. But what kind of magic is it?


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  • Azure Mirage

    Magi Promotional Show

    October 13, 2012 by Azure Mirage

    I want to attend the show. And oh my,when the time the anime is released, there is even a restaurant who set up a special menu for the anime releease. It was mostly fun to watch as it recaps the manga and stuff. They gather 6 people in groups of two and an audience of 30. So,enjoy the vid! ;)

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