Belial (ベリアル, Beriaru) was the sixty-eighth Dungeon to appear. It was conquered by Hakuryuu Ren, with the assistance of Judar.


Judar has raised Belial in order for Hakuryuu to capture it and gain the Djinn Belial. Belial has the power to create illusions, therefore different people see the Dungeon as completely different in appearance (e.g.- Hakuryuu sees it as the Kou palace, while Judar sees it as a poor village). This power also allows Belial to bring a person's inner conflicts into life.

Belial tests a persons conviction. Every time he/she lies about their beliefs, their flesh is punished. Once a person overcomes his/her contradictions, they will become a true King Vessel, according to Belial.


No monsters were seen in Belial.


Alma Torran Arc

Judar raised Belial for Hakuryuu to conquer in order to make him stronger and have a better chance at reclaiming the Kou Empire.


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