Barkak (バルカーク, Barukāku) is the Right General of the Royal Army of Balbadd.[1] He taught Alibaba Saluja Royal Swordplay when Alibaba was young.[2]


In the manga

Barkak is a large man with a strong build. He has long hair, a beard with no hair on his chin, and a wrinkled face. He wears a robe with a sash tied around his waist, a sword on his left side, and armor on his right shoulder.


Barkak appears as a calm, steadfast person, who cares about his country and Alibaba, as he helps both when they are in trouble.[3] He is concerned about all of his charges, including the late king Rashid.[4]


Years ago, Barkak taught Alibaba Royal Swordplay. He was also apart of the entourage that guarded Rashid, including on his trips to Reim.[5]


Adventure of Sinbad
The following information has to do with the spinoff/prologue to Magi, Adventure of Sinbad.

Reim Empire Arc

As Rashid is talking to Sinbad, Barkak bursts in, having been looking for the king. He introduces Rashid to Sinbad as the 21st king of Balbadd.[6]

A few weeks later, as Rashid and his entourage return to Napolia, Barkak informs Rashid that they are approaching the city.[7] He then expresses his surprise at Rashid's willingness to make a deal with Sinbad, and asks Rashid what makes Sinbad so special.

Then, as they notice a small crowd gathering around a figure, Barkak, like the others, is captivated by Sinbad's story of the dungeons.[8] He then accompanies his king and Sinbad as they continue to discuss their options, including doing a theater performance.[9]

A few months later, Barkak returns with his king to Balbadd.[10]

Slave Arc

Barkak is present when Ja'far comes to King Rashid for help.[11] When Ja'far tells them of Sinbad's condition, Barkak warns his king against interfering, saying that meddling with Reim's slave companies would ruin relations between the two countries.[12] He is as surprised as Ja'far is when Rashid offers his assistance, though in a very unconventional way. [13]

After Ja'far leaves, Barkak scolds his king, saying that there should be a limit to his fun.[14] Rashid replies that it's just a part of his foreign travels. Then, he asks Barkak if he has found the child they were searching for yet, to which Barkak responds that they are still looking.

After Rashid appears to the crowd and Madaura during one of Ja'far's speeches, Barkak is there to reprimand him, saying that as long as Rashid is in Reim, he can't help Sindria Trading Company. Rashid replies that he was only having a cup of tea with a friend.[15]

Barkak is also there when Madaura blows up at Ja'far, screaming that Balbadd was never planning on introducing slaves into their country, were they?[16]

After Heliohapt Arc

Barkak accompanies King Rashid to Parthevia.[17]
The following information has to do with the main manga series Magi.

Balbadd Arc

Barkak comes to the Fog Troupe base along with Sahbmad Saluja.[1] When Alibaba Saluja comes out, he greets Alibaba saying that he had not recognized him. Barkak tells him that he is on a secret order with Sahbmad.[2] When Sahbmad starts to shiver, Barkak puts his hand on Sahbmad's shoulder and tells Alibaba that Sahbmad has something important to tell him. He then explains how Balbadd became like it is and became in debt. He tells them that Ahbmad Saluja is planning to sell the citizens to pay off the debt. After Sahbmad tells Alibaba to stop the signing ceremony, Barkak leaves with Sahbmad.[18][19]

Days later, Barkak is in the throne room when Alibaba breaks in. Sahbmad then order him to capture and suppress the royal guards, which he does. Barkak then watches as Alibaba talks with Ahbmad. When Kougyoku Ren enters the throne room, Barkak says that they need to crown a new king and points to Sahbmad, but he declines. He is then shocked when Alibaba tells Kougyoku that Balbadd is getting rid of their monarchy. After the negotiation ends, Barkak talks to Alibaba about the country.[20][21]

When Cassim starts a riot, Barkak orders his men to attack him. After Cassim is killed, Barkak is reunited with a loved one's Rukh that Aladdin brought back.[22]

Second Balbadd Arc

Barkak greets Alibaba at Parliament, elated that the prince is still alive.[23] As they sit down together for negotiations, Barkak tells Alibaba that Balbadd became a republic, to which Alibaba replies that he knows. Barkak then goes on to praise Alibaba, saying that he was the reason Balbadd's citizens became resolved to make a change, and that they agree that there is no privileged class here.[24]

Then, he asks Alibaba if he will return to Balbadd. When Alibaba thanks him, he is taken aback. Alibaba explains that he's always wanted someone to say that, and that, for his own selfish reasons, he wished to be the one to save Balbadd. However, now that the country has saved itself, there is no need for him anymore.[25] When he smiles and says that he likes the saying, "there is no privileged class in Balbadd",Barkak flashes back to a time when Alibaba was a simple brat who needed discipline.

Barkak agrees to allow trading outlet to operate in Balbadd, and is next seen bidding Alibaba goodbye.[26]

Final Arc

Barkak, like the other people of the world, is under Sinbad's influence and looks forwards to becoming one with the Rukh.


As a General and a teacher to Alibaba, Barkak can also be an assumed master of Royal Swordplay.


Alibaba Saluja

Barkak taught Alibaba swordplay while he still lived in the palace. When Alibaba resurfaced after his three year absence, Barkak was elated to see that the prince was doing well. He informed Alibaba of Balbadd's reformation into a republic, and seemed proud when Alibaba admitted his own weakness and said he would not return to Balbadd as a prince, flashing back to when Alibaba was a petulant child who needed discipline.[27]

Sahbmad Saluja

Barkak and Sahbmad worked together to help the Fog Troupe and to stop Ahbmad from selling the citizens of Balbadd.[28] As general, it can be assumed that Barkak respects Sahbmad, just as he does every prince.

Rashid Saluja

As shown in the prequel manga, Barkak respects Rashid very much and holds his opinion in high esteem. In return, Rashid trusted Barkak with incredibly important missions, such as finding Alibaba in the slums.[29]



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