Bard Kauza (飛衝手甲 (バルド・カウーザ), Barudo.Kawuza, Flying Impact Gauntlet) is the Household Vessel of both Lo'lo' and Myron Alexius. It gains its power from Muu's Djinn, Barbatos. It is an arm guard that is able to produce shock waves using Strength Magic that are able to fly to far distances. These shock waves can come in the form of whatever attack is used. For example, if a punch is used, the shock waves would look like a bullet, but if a sword was used it would like like a slash of compressed air sailing towards the target. Each shock wave is easily capable of breaking an average Borg and severely damage Magicians.


  • The name of this vessel is a corruption of the Arabic phrase كُوز البَرَد Kūz Al-Barad, meaning "Hailing Vessel (specifically like a mug/jug/tin)".


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