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Barbarossa (バルバロッサ, Barubarossa) is a lieutenant of the Parthevia Empire, head of the Dragul family and Drakon's elder brother. He is one of Judar's King Vessels and a Dungeon Capturer, having captured two Dungeons.


Barbarossa Full
Full appearance
Barbarossa's face in the anime
Barbarossa's face in the anime
Barbarossa has short hair and bangs that cover his forehead and shadow his eyes. He has an earring on his right ear that looks similar to that of his younger brother, Drakon. His usual attire consists of his Parthevian military uniform, with metal armor and robes that cover his right shoulder.


While talking about his betrothal to his fiancé Serendine Parthevia in one of Drakon's flashbacks, Barbarossa gives off a very cold and manipulative atmostphere. He has no qualms about telling Serendine directly that her father passed away, and allows his Household to attack his little brother Drakon and Serendine's handmaidens with any noticeable change in demeanor. Barbarossa does not care about Drakon at all and is willing to kill him in cold blood while using his Djinn Equip.

However, Barbarossa does show his respectful side to Judar, as he apologizes for causing a ruckus in his equip and waking Judar up because of his Rukh.

Later as revealed during his interactions with Sinbad,that Barbarossa is in fact a racist,supremacist extremist that heavily glorifies his fellow Parthevians nationals and deems them to be the "superior race" in comparison to the other "races" of other "impure" nations and one of his main goal being is "cleansing" the land in order make the world "pure" through his standards,as seen where he possessed little to no remorse in killing and massacring the citizens of the newly minted Sindria Kingdom and even went as far as laughing in pure bliss at the prospect of killing them all. And during his talk with Sinbad it is revealed that he in fact greatly admires the young merchant due to his various accomplishments despite the typical dislike and hostility the high class of Parthevia possess for those born in the lower classes and deems him to be the "ideal Parthevian",showing that he only sees Sinbad success being natural due to him being born in Parthevia and not due to any skills or talent he had to develop rigorously.

During his leisure time,Barbarossa is shown to be an equestrian and greatly enjoys riding his horse across the province fields of Parthevia when not attending to his duties.

Later upon barely escaping Sinbad after his massacre of the newly established Sindria Kingdom,seeing first hand of Sinbad's abilities as a "Singularity" and his effect over "Destiny" and losing all of his most competent/trusted advisers and subordinates,Barbarossa's mentality and psych seemed to have reached its utmost limit,having now completely lost his original arrogant demeanor. As seen where almost all of his previous supporters had completely abandoned him due to extreme failure of his war against Sindria and the disastrous backlash of his failure. Due to his botched war against Sindria and the inhuman massacre of innocent civilians employed by his subordinates and his allies,his Public Image as an "Honest Politician" was completely shattered beyond repair, resulting in his hard worked "Independent Nationalist Party" splitting up and returning the Parthevian government back into its fragmented state and leaving the nation undecided in its administration,completely destroying and undoing his life's work.

This mental strain eventually ended with Barbarossa being reduced to a mere pitiable shell of his former self as a confidant,ambitious politician and leader, as seen where he was reduced to hiding and cowering underneath his desk alone and abandoned biting his fingers in fear and panic due to having literally lost everything he worked so hard to gain. Later during his final moments before being killed by Sinbad,it is shown that Barbossa has now pushed all of the blame for his defeat and failure on Sinbad and later developed extreme hatred and contempt for him as he tried one last time to kill him,before being brutally killed by Sinbad in vengeance for his actions done to Serendine and his Kingdom.



Adventure of Sinbad
The following information has to do with the spinoff/prologue to Magi, Adventure of Sinbad.


Metal Vessel

Glasya-Labolas is the Djinn of Slaughter and Arrogance, whom Barbarossa received after capturing the 25th Dungeon. The Metal Vessel for this Djinn was Barbarossa's poleaxe. It gave Barbarossa the ability to manipulate metal. Glasya-Labolas also lend its power to the Household Vessel of Zayzafon, Selsaal Kauza.

Djinn Weapon Equip: By surrounding his Metal Vessel with Magoi and compressing it, Barbarossa could turn his poleaxe into a long spear. This spear had a thin shaft and ended in a large diamond-shaped tip, with the eight-pointed star mark at the base of this tip. A large ring with six spikes was vertically situated close to the tip, with another ring with four spikes horizontically beneath it. Barbarossa was first seen with this weapon while he used his Half-Djinn Equip against Drakon.
  • Decomposition: Barbarossa could decompose metal, turning it into fine particles that spread out like a black fog. This ability could destroy even Metal Vessels, as they were once ordinary metal. It takes more time and effort to do so, however, as they are strengthened by the Djinn residing in them. Barbarossa initially used it with his Metal Vessel only, needing to be within close range to decompose those of Sinbad and Serendine. Later, he tried to destroy Sinbad's Metal Vessel with a single strike of his spear in Djinn Equip, but failed because Sinbad protected his sword with a layer of Magoi.
Spirit of Slaughter and Arrogance, feed upon my Magoi and grant my desire for greater power! Glasya-Labolas!

—Barbarossa, summoning the powers of Glasya-Labolas

Half-Djinn Equip: Barbarossa was only able to perform a Half-Djinn Equip during his fight against Drakon as he had only recently conquered Glasya-Labolas. When activated, a halo with ten spikes formed behind Barbarossa's back and his armor liquified, the liquid metal surrounding him. In this form, flame-like designs appeared on parts of his body such as his arms, shoulders and torso, with some of these markings seemingly levitating in the air; they also formed and connected eyes, with one on each side of Barbarossa's head, and three on his chest. He had an additional eye in the middle of his forehead, and wielded his Djinn Weapon Equip.
  • Hadit Barad Iltehad (Steel Sweep Scatter): Barbarossa shaped the liquified metal of his armor into large bullets and sends them at his opponent. The bullets have enough penetrative force to pierce through Drakon's body and even Bararaq Barasikh's scale armor with ease. It seems that Barbarossa used hand gestures to control the metal. [1]
Full Djinn Equip: Barbarossa was shown to have mastered Glasya-Labolas' Djinn Equip during his final battle with Sinbad. In this form, Barbarossa's skin seems to take on a somewhat darker color, with flame-like designs on all parts of his body; part of these markings again seem to float, forming and connecting five eyes on either side of him. Barbarossa had sharp, elongated fingernails, wore multiple necklaces and bracelets on each wrist and upper arm, connected on each side by chains; he wielded his Djinn Weapon Equip, sported a halo with ten spikes behind his back, and had armored lower legs.

Gusion was Barbarossa's second Djinn, whom he received after capturing the 11th Dungeon. It's ability is to influence the movement of the planet's tectonic plates.

Djinn Equip: Barbarossa used Gusion's Djinn Equip during Parthevia's attack on Sindria.
  • Extreme Magic: With his Extreme Magic, Barbarossa forced the tectonic plates to fluctuate in order to cause a earthquake, greatly damaging Sindria. A great amount of Magoi is necessary to use this Magic, so much so that Barbarossa needed to be supplied with additional Magoi by Al-Thamen members, who still could not keep up with his demand.



He does not think highly of his little brother, being willing to write him off as dead when he went to capture Valefor's dungeon and never returned. He also held no qualms about performing his Djinn Equip and using it to attack Drakon. Most noticeably, he was very willing to kill Drakon with his Djinn Equip, showing little to no remorse while doing it.

Serendine Parthevia

He pretends to have a warm personality around the princess, prior to their wedding ceremony and treated her with kindness. Although later when he attacked Drakon, Serendine said she would null their marriage and would make sure her father heard of what had done, he showed his true colors. In reality, he only cares about Serendine as a tool for him to get to the Parthevian throne, making him king and her, his empress.


It is unknown whether Judar personally chose Barbarossa as his king candidate or happened to be in Parthevia at the time of the wedding ceremony. However, he treats Judar with respect as a Magi, even telling Judar he would stop using Djinn equip because it disturbed Judar's rest. Judar, for his part, affectionately refers to him as "Bar".


Upon first meeting Sinbad during his return to their homeland of Parthevia Empire since his departure, Barbarossa showed himself to be both professional and polite to the merchant and was very cordial and respectful to him during his return to the country and audience with the ruling prince and showing off all of the advancements and improvements he had successfully done to the Empire and the success his reforms had improved the life of the citizens, initially impressing and intimidating Sinbad due to his seemingly flawless skill and intellect in maneuvering politics.

Later upon all their business transactions being completed Barbarossa later went and asked Sinbad to spend time together in order to befriend him and asking him to go horse riding with him and later upon learning of Sinbad's own dislike for riding was shown to be friendly and open enough to instead do activities he believed Sinbad was good at, such as fishing and later enthusiastically listened to him talk about his childhood as a fisherman and advice on how to fish better, successfully getting Sinbad to open up enough to tell him about his goal to unite the world and also making Barbarossa comfortable enough to tell him about his own goals and beliefs as well.


  • His name means "red beard" in Italian. This may refer to Frederick Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor from 1152 to 1190.
  • Barbarossa is the first Dungeon Capturer to have been killed in the series and have his two Djinns returned to their respective Dungeons and never to be seen again in the series.


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