Bararaq Sei (双蛇鏢バララーク・セイ, Bararāku.Sei, lit. Twin Snake Rope Darts) is the Household Vessel of Ja'far. It gains its power from Sinbad's Djinn, Baal. It appears as Ja'far's rope darts. Thanks to Baal's electricity, Ja'far can send electricity through the rope, which make the darts take the appearance of snakes. Ja'far can throw them like high precision darts, which go directly where he wants them to. They can wrap around and bite the opponent. It has enough strength to break Ithnan's Borg.


Balalark Sei
In the manga
Balalark Sei Breaking Bolg
Breaking Borg
Ja'far's Wires


  • The name of this vessel is a corruption of the Arabic phrase سَوِية بَرّاقة Sawīya(t) Barrāqa(t) "Flashing Equality" or سِي بَرّاق Sīy Barrāq "Flashing Equal". In the latter possibility, both words are adjectives.


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