Bararaq Kauza (金剛鎧甲バララーク・カウーザ Bararāku Kawuza, "Vajra Armor") is the Household Vessel of Masrur. It gains its power from Sinbad's Djinn, Baal. Thanks to the electric current, it allows the muscular tissue to reach its full potential. It removes the limiters on a humans’ muscle contraction ratio that is normally suppressed to an adequate level. Also, as a Fanalis, Masrur can display that power to an even higher level. It is also capable of releasing a large pillar of Lightning Magic with a single kick from Masrur.

Masrur rarely uses his Household Vessel because his muscles have to pay a hefty price in order to sustain the Vessel's ability. In the past, he only activated it a few times: either when it was necessary or when he is overwhelmed with rage.


  • The name of this vessel is a corruption of the Arabic phrase كُوز بَرّاق Kūz Barrāq, meaning "Flashing Vessel (specifcally like a mug/jug/tin)".
  • Masrur's Household Vessel is the only household vessel seen to date that contains more than one metal object; it contains all the armor that he wears.


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