Bararaq Barasikh (剛神鱗甲バララーク・バラシーフ, Bararāku.Barashīfu, lit. Strong God Scale Armor) is the Household Vessel of Drakon. It gains its power from Sinbad's Djinn, Baal. It appears as Drakon's earring. When used, the body is covered in dragon scales that absorb and inflict damage, making this both an offensive and defensive power. Electric currents in the nerves stimulate muscle tissue, giving him superhuman strength.


Drakon's Assimilation
Drakon anime
Fully Assimilated

After Drakon fully assimilates with Bararaq Barasikh, his full body gains the appearance of a dragon. He gains the ability to breathe lightning and to increase his size to an immense amount.


  • The name of this vessel is probably derived from the Arabic phrase برازخ براقة Barāzikh Barrāqa(t) "Flashing Divides" (where "divides" is the plural of the noun "divide", as in "I crossed over the divide"). The mangaka accidentally used a s-type kana (シ) when she should have used a z-type kana (ジ). The name of this vessel could possibly reference the fact that Drakon crosses over the boundary from a regular human to a fully-assimilated dragon-type humanoid.


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