The Balbadd Arc is the fourth story arc of the Magi manga series and one of the major arcs. It centers around Alibaba Saluja's attempt to save his home country, Balbadd and the first time the primary enemy of the series, Al-Thamen, being mentioned. It introduces some major characters, such as CassimSinbadKougyoku Ren and Judar. Alibaba finds out how to truly use his Metal Vessel.


Meeting with "Sin"

As the Nando brothers trek through the desert with no food and valuables, L Nando spots Sinbad in the forest. The Nando brothers take Sinbad's jewelry. Moments later, Aladdin and Morgiana arrive to the forest. Morgiana thanks Aladdin and explains that Alibaba used his treasure to liberate all the slaves. Then, Sinbad comes along with his hands open and body exposed which freaks out Aladdin and Morgiana. By the campfire, Aladdin shares his adventures with Sinbad. Sinbad mentions how adventures are every man's dream. When Morgiana smells the sea, Aladdin and she go up the hill where they find the city of Balbadd.


After Sinbad gives Aladdin and Morgiana a tour of Balbadd, he gives them a room at a hotel. Ja'far and Masrur arrive to stop the guards who think Sinbad is suspicious. A maid directs Aladdin and Morgiana to their room. When Aladdin asks the maid if she knows Alibaba, the maid explains that Alibaba is one of Balbadd's wanted criminal.

Ahbmad and Sahbmad

Sinbad wants to know why Balbadd has broken the trade with Sindria and asks about it the King and the Deputy King. Ahbmad tries to laugh him off, but Sinbad remains serious and orders him to resume trade, explaining its importance. Ahbmad tells him that they have their hands full with domestic issues. Meanwhile, Aladdin and Morgiana wonder how to find the real Alibaba. Morgiana is sad because the ships to the Dark Continent stopped because of the Fog Troupe. Ahbmad explains what the Fog Troupe is. Sinbad decides to exterminate it.

Proper Introduction

Afterwards, Aladdin, Morgiana, Sinbad, Masrur and Ja'far have a meal. Morgiana is introduced to Masrur as a fellow Fanalis while Aladdin reveals his identity as Magi. To not remain in debt, Sinbad reveals that he is a King of Sindria and the conquerer of 7 Dungeons. Then, Sinbad explains to Aladdin what Magoi and Rukh are. After completing his explanation, he admits that he doesn't have any Metal Vessel with him and asks Aladdin to lend him his power. Sinbad explains that what needed to have the job done is power, the age isn't important. Morgiana decides that she and Aladdin should join Sinbad, as she sees the opportunity to use the country's resources to find Alibaba. Sinbad agrees to help them. Then, he decides that Morgiana should stay at the hotel but she protest. Furthermore, Aladdin recalls how she defeated the whole group of thieves all by herself. Then, Sinbad says a little about the Fog Troupe and the group thinks about what to do.

Encounter with the Fog Troupe

Sinbad and Masrur encounter a group of normal citizens and help them with their struggles to obtain the food, while Ja'far, Morgiana and Aladdin are caught in the fog which causes hallucination. Aladdin is happy to see Alibaba again, but Morgiana realizes that something is wrong with the mist and runs away from it. She joins Ja'far. Soon, the fight between them and the Fog Troupe starts, but they are quickly cornered. Aladdin meets also Ugo, what makes him realize that there's something off. He wakes up, summons his Djnn friend and tries to fight them. Then, Alibaba, as a part of the Fog Troupe, interferes and asks him to keep Ugo back, as he's scaring his men, what Aladdin does willingly. He is happy to see his friend again, but Alibaba breaks their promise. When the fight stir ups again, Alibaba summons Amon's powers. Alibaba creates the Wall of Flames and lets the Fog Troupe to escape.


Sinbad and Ja'far comments the current situation, commenting mostly Alibaba. The Nando Brothers save a woman from being raped and talk about Balbadd's economics. They are interrupted and taken to the Fog Troupe. Cassim wants to happily let them join, but Alibaba firmly states their goals. Later, he talks with Cassim in private. He asks him if Cassim wants to start a war, what he confirms but quickly shakes off that idea. He reminds Alibaba that he is the leader, but then they're interrupted by exhilarated kids, grateful to Alibaba for allowing them to eat twice a day. Cassim then begs Alibaba to save the children and to don't go anywhere. Afterwards, Morgiana pays Alibaba a visit and demands him to state his reasons to Aladdin. She kidnaps him and takes on a night flight when he refuses to say anything.

Reunion with Alibaba

Ja'far notifies Sinbad that Ahbmad is planning to marry the princess from the Kou Empire. Aladdin thinks about what to do from now on. As he begins to look at moon, he recalls the fun moments he might have with Alibaba. Just then, Alibaba is thrown to Aladdin's room through the window. After awkward greetings, Morgiana demands Alibaba to get to the point. He laughs and says that he doesn't feel like saying it anymore, so she tries to tell him the real consequences of his actions. Aladdin calms her down and decide to talk about happy things instead. He tells him about his journeys during their separation. After that, he asks Alibaba to tell them his reason for joining the Fog Troupe.

Alibaba's Story

Alibaba wants to start by telling about his friend, Cassim. After briefly mentioning that Cassim is the real leader of the Fog Troupe, Alibaba proceeds onto his explanations.

Living in Slums

In the past, he and Cassim play, with Alibaba being an winner thanks to his tunnels. Although they often fight, they are best of friends. However, while Alibaba's mother, despite being a prostitute, is very kind, Cassim's father often resorts to hitting his own children, so Anise takes care of them as her own. Once Cassim's father disappears, they become a family of four. After Anise's death, Alibaba does small but honest job, while Cassim goes back to stealing. Alibaba wants to give him a hand, but his offer is denied. Cassim only asks if they're friends what Alibaba confirms.

Prince of Balbadd

Soon after, Alibaba discovers that he's actually a son of the King of Balbadd. He decides to talk this over with Cassim, but the two end up fighting because of Cassim's statement that they're different from birth. After that, Alibaba says a goodbye to slums and starts learning to be prince, and despite all the hardness at first, eventually, he gets accepted by many. One day, he sneaks from the palace to see slums. However, he sees nothing when he arrives there.

Reunion with Cassim

As he wants to go back home, he meets Cassim again. After short greetings, Cassim and Alibaba go to drink. Alibaba is terrified as he realizes that Cassim has been surrounded by mature things. After being quickly filled up with the current situation with slums, Cassim gets Alibaba drunk. Then, Alibaba shares with him the secret about wall in the palace not being solid enough in some places, thanks to which Alibaba could dig tunnels and escape. He then apologizes for punching Cassim on that day and wonders if Cassim said those words for his sake. When Cassim confirms it, Alibaba is relieved. Alibaba feels stupid when he reflects back on how one of Cassim's men followed him during his way back.

Responsibilities and Incident

Afterwards, Alibaba is summoned to the ill King's bed. Rashid tells Alibaba that he wants to leave the country to him and explains Balbadd's situation. Alibaba asks his father how he felt about his mother, and the king states that he truly loved her. And albeit Alibaba denies the king's offer, he decides to devote himself to the Kingdom. He then heads to where the wall are weak, but much to his surprise, he finds Cassim there. He is knocked off, and Cassim and his comrades leave the Palace with treasures, leaving Alibaba guilty of causing this incident with his blabbering. When Alibaba wakes up, he finds out that the king is dead, and feeling guilty, leaves Balbadd. Sinbad, Masrur and Ja'far are eavesdropping Alibaba's explanation. Alibaba then says what he was doing all the time until he met Aladdin and captured the Dungeon.

Reason and Friendship

Morgiana notes that he still hasn't revealed the reason for joining the Fog Troupe. He explains that after returning to his homeland, he found out the condition its been in. Once he met Cassim again, he was appointed as a leader of the Fog Troupe to use his identity as prince. He reveals that took an action immediately and made the image of the Fog Troupe being a rebels instead of thieves. He then emotionally tells about the state of Balbadd, for what he gets hit by Aladdin. His little friend reassures him to help him find solution.

Attack and New Allies

Just then, the door are broken with Cassim and his comrades being behind the attack. The Fog Troupe attacks the hotel. Cassim explains that they came to save Alibaba, but reveals that Sinbad is their goal. Sinbad, Masrur and Ja'far quickly defeat all of the opponents. Afterwards, Sinbad confronts Cassim directly. He then announces that his job is done as long as he hands down the Fog Troupe to the military, addressing to Alibaba, much to the latter's surprise. Sinbad asks Alibaba for a duel and insults the Fog Troupe's members. Provoked, Alibaba agrees. Even though he has an advantage at first, Sinbad quickly defeats him. Sinbad proclaims that only death awaits rebells and most of the group's members run away. Sinbad tells Cassim that his Fog Troupe is actually very weak. However, if they still wish to stand against the king, he will join them, much to everyone's astonishment. Sinbad reveals that one of his reasons to join the Fog Troupe is to stop the abnormalities of the world. Cassim still doesn't agree and insults Sinbad, making Ja'far attack him.

Alibaba and Ahbmad

Sinbad then persuades Alibaba to go to the Balbadd's Palace as the Prince by assuring him that he's really king's son and mentioning that this means responsibility. Before the palace, citizens awaits the results of the negotiations. Alibaba tries to talk with him, however, Ahbmad completely ignores his brother, calling him thief and thinking that it's insulting that someone like him was allowed to go to speak to him. He then adds that he has never recognized Alibaba as his brother and if it wasn't for protection of Sinbad, Alibaba would lost his head. After that Ahbmad says he doesn't feel well because of all these maggots, which makes Alibaba even more enraged for calling his citizens like this. Then, Ahbmad is visited by Banker.

Black Sun

Outside, Aladdin and Morgiana wonder about Alibaba's doing. Someone passes by Aladdin and sparks his interest. Aladdin thinks of the person he met as the "Black Sun". In the palace, Judar also appears. After some talks with Sinbad, Ahbmad announces that he gave all Balbadd's rights to the Kou Empire. Markkio tells more about it. Alibaba tries to talk with Ahbmad some more, by gets removed. Later, depressed, he reveals the results of the negotiations to Aladdin and Morgiana. Then, Ja'far comes to take Alibaba to Sinbad and announce what has happened to people. Sinbad takes the job and ends up even encouraging them.

Aladdin vs Judar

They are then visited by Judar. Judar comes and talks with Sinbad. He announces that he has no interest in Balbadd's situation but instead, is interested in war. Meanwhile, Ja'far explains to Aladdin that Judar is a "Magi" as well. Judar then notices Aladdin's presence and learns that he's Magi. He acts all friendly, but punches Aladdin eventually and laughs him off. He begins to look for Aladdin's King Candidate, finding out that's Alibaba. He humiliates him, but Aladdin stays in his defense. Wanting to see by himself, Judar attacks and hurts Alibaba. Aladdin then realizes that he has to stop Judar at all cost. Judar orders Sinbad not to interfere in his fight with Aladdin, noting that he has no Metal Vessel on him. Sinbad orders Masrur to take him down, but Masrur fails to do so. Judar then offers Aladdin firing Magoi but as both of them are Magi, their powers get nullified. In this case, he suggest having a Magic battle, much to everyone's surprise, so Judar explains what Magoi and Magic are. However Aladdin, who doesn't know Magic, protects from Judar's attack by summoning Ugo. Seeing Ugo, Judar recognizes Aladdin as a Magi. He starts floating and creates an ice from Balbadd's fog, attacking all of the gathered. Ugo is able to defend Aladdin and in the end, sends Judar flying. Judar however uses his Ice Magic once again and pierces Ugo's back. Aladdin tries to give him more Magoi, but it only leaves Ugo's hole. Judar also states that he doesn't even remember why they're fighting anymore but wants to play with Aladdin more. In the meantime, Aladdin wonders why Ugo isn't going back to the flute. Ugo starts moving even without Aladdin giving him Magoi, making Aladdin dazed enough to not being able to continue the fight. He is saved by Morgiana while Alibaba breaks Judar's Borg and hurts him a little. Judar then attacks him and other people, but soon gets hit and send flying by Ugo, much to everyone's astonishment. Ugo presses Judar to the ground and breaks his Borg, hurting him. Judar continues to struggle against Ugo. He pierces him with his ice spears, but when he's happy from his victory, Ugo takes him between his hands and crushes him, leaving him hurt and unconscious.

Kougyoku Ren

Ugo is going to kill Judar. People surrounded are saved by Morgiana's quick actions, and the Magi is stopped by the visitors from the Kou Empire, the Princess Kougyoku and her attendant, Koubun. Kougyoku orders Koubun to heal Judar, while she by herself starts fighting Ugo with her Djinn Weapon Equip. She manages to pierce a big hole in her opponents, killing him at the same time. Kougyoku is proud from her victory, but gets attacked by Aladdin. She doesn't understands why, as she only saved them from that monster, but once she learns that Ugo was on Aladdin's and others' side, she orders Engi, Entai and Enshin to get rid of them. While the members of the Fog Troupe, plus Sinbad, his Household and Morgiana, fight against the monsters, Kougyoku prepares to full body Djinn Equip. She is stopped by Sinbad, to whose appearance she starts blushing. Sinbad also calms down Aladdin, reassuring him that his friend is still alive. Then, he asks Kougyoku to meet her somewhere more appropriate, and she agrees. She orders everyone to leave. At the same time, Aladdin realizes that Ugo's star vanished and wants to give him even more power.

After the Battle

After the battle, Morgiana helps out with treating others, but she feels like she is useless. She decides that she wants to help out Alibaba and Aladdin before coming back to her homeland. Alibaba, while treating his injures, wonders what he's doing, being useless like this. He checks his injures even in private areas of his body. Morgiana comes in and notices him with his bottom fully exposed, much to their horror. Later, while she bandages him, Alibaba asks about Aladdin's condition. He explains her what happened in the Dungeon Amon and they decide to see him. They notice that their friend is in very bad shape. Sinbad comes in and orders them to take Ugo's flute away from him, telling that it endangers his life.

Alibaba and Sahbmad

Afterwards, people from the Fog Troupe demands Alibaba to answer what is going to happen with them, but as he has nothing to say, Sinbad calms them down instead. Feeling himself useless for not being able to do anything to help and with Cassim still missing, Alibaba is visited by his brother, Deputy King, Sahbmad. Barkak greets Alibaba and on Sahbmad's behalf, explains the reason of their visit. Alibaba asks Sahbmad why did he come to such a place, but Sahbmad, instead of replying, while shivering, says that Alibaba is really amazing. Barkak grabs his shoulder to calm him down, and explains Alibaba that the Deputy King come to him even in this state. Then Sinbad comes and realizes that it was Sahbmad who was leaking information to the Fog Troupe. Sahbmad denies any affiliation with that group and explains that he is doing this only because of Alibaba's presence, wishing to do something for this country. He then reveals his desire to Alibaba stopping Ahbmad. Barkak explains Balbadd's bad situation, including Markkio's arrival and starting depending on the Kou Empire's paper money, Huang, and falling into huge debt. Ahbmad decided to use citizens as the next collateral, to change Balbadd into slave-exporting country. Sahbmad cites Ahbmad, saying that his brother thought that people can reproduce, what means getting money forever, and the Kou Empire would sell them to other countries. Upon hearing that, Morgiana urges Alibaba to stop his brother. After that, Sahbmad mentions that Ahbmad will marry one of Kou's princesses and finalize the slavery project. He then leaves, leaving everything in Alibaba's hands, though Sinbad promises to stop him.

"It wasn't anyone. It was him."

Afterwards, Alibaba goes to unconscious Aladdin and tells him what has happened. He wonders if he's capable of doing such a thing, mentioning real heroes, such as Sinbad, to whom he can't compare. Meanwhile, Sinbad wonders why Aladdin chose someone as weak and without confidence as Alibaba, from whom they cannot expect anything, especially not ruling the country. Angry Morgiana interrupts them, and after filling them up about the situation, she tells them that even though Alibaba looks like he has no confidence, he saved her when she was a slave. She states it wasn't just anyone, but him. She says she feels that the one who will be able to save this country is him and then, she leaves the room. Sinbad thinks that it seems that it's too early to determine whether Alibaba would be suitable candidate as a king.

Ahbmad and Markkio

Ahbmad talks Markkio. He says it's about time he see the Kou Empire's princess he will marry in four days time. Markkio assures him about her beauty and pride and about Kou not being brutal. He says to make Balbadd flourish even further, and Ahbmad agrees.

Sinbad's Story

The Kou Empire

Sinbad fill Alibaba and Morgiana in on Kou's power and history. He mentions that one of reason for Kou's ruthlessness is their Magi, Judar. Asked, he explains who the Magi is and about Magi's help in Dungeons. He says that currently Kou has eyes on Balbadd. He says about Kou completely manipulating Ahbmad. Then, Alibaba and Morgiana try to leave, but Sinbad asks Alibaba to talk in private.


Sinbad recalls Alibaba's father talking about him as an outstanding person, but he denies everything. Sinbad understands that he has lost his confidence after failed negotiations, but tells him that he has to become a king to change Ahbmad's rule. He promises to support him, but Alibaba says that it's impossible. Sinbad mentions him already being a leader, but Alibaba explains it's all because he happens to have royal blood. Sinbad disagrees, saying that he also didn't think of becoming king, but felt that it was his duty, and now it's Alibaba's duty, in whom people believe.

Alibaba's and Cassim's Meeting

Afterwards, Alibaba goes alone, wondering what he should do. He is watched by Cassim and his group. Alibaba looks at citizens and realizes that they all will become slaves. Once they start pushing on him, Cassim saves him. He then asks Cassim where he has been when the big problem aroused. Cassim doesn't want to go back since Sinbad is there, saying he's royalty. What's more, Sinbad made fun of the Fog Troupe for which Cassim won't forgive him. Alibaba tries to argue with him saying that Sinbad's strength is required for them right know. However, Cassim answers that besides members of the Fog Troupe, also citizens wish to change Balbadd. Alibaba is terrified when he realizes that Cassim wants to make citizens into army who will bring down the current monarchy. He doesn't want to believe that Cassim is serious about this matter, so he gets introduced to the Weapon Dealer. Alibaba tries to stop him and make him consider number of victims, but Cassim replies that no matter how many will have to sacrifice their lives, the final victory will be theirs. Alibaba watches him horrified. He recalls how he cried over Mariam's death and now he wants to submerge innocents into the sea of blood. Asked if he will go with Cassim, Alibaba says he never heard this will lead to the war. Cassim tells him that if even Alibaba's royal blood wasn't able to shake Ahbmad, the war is the only way. Alibaba doesn't agree and it's they should think of another way. Cassim screams and demands Alibaba to tell him what he plans to do, but Alibaba calmly answers he doesn't know. He however adds he knows he will find an answer. The answer which won't result to a single drop of blood being shed. He asks Cassim to let him change this country. Cassim hits him strongly, so Alibaba gets angry and grabs his clothes. Cassim says that being with him is tiring him out. He then tells Alibaba he has no strength or determination; he's trash despite being the prince. Alibaba then hears that he should disappear from Cassim's eyes and if he still insists on stopping him, the next time they'll meet they'll be enemies.

Alibaba's Determination


Sinbad and Ja'far talk about Alibaba losing completely his confidence, but just then, he shows up and asks Sinbad to teach him how to use his Djinn. He says he needs a power to protect this country. During his training, Sinbad explains to Alibaba the proper way to use a Djinn. The flashback occurs where Sinbad asks Alibaba about his sudden change of mind. Alibaba explains he's still not sure whether he's befitting being a king or not, but if there are things he can do now, he wishes to do them. While trying to compress his Djinn into his own body, Alibaba apologizes to Sinbad in his thoughts, saying he can't tell him about Cassim, whom he still consider his friend and wants to stop him himself. While Alibaba's Magoi is being restored, Sinbad tells Alibaba about the Djinn Equip and Magoi Manipulation, impossible to learn quickly. Then, Alibaba starts training again. Hearing that full body Djinn Equip would be impossible in the limited time he has, Sinbad tells him he should learn Djinn Weapon Equip first and explains what he means by this term.


Afterwards, Sinbad talks with Ja'far about Alibaba's progress and Sinbad's plans concerning the Prince. He also plan to talk with Kougyoku, who seems to have a crush on him. Then, Morgiana goes to Aladdin's room, where she finds Alibaba. She then tells him he should have a rest. Alibaba replies he rested a little and says he has dragged Aladdin into a terrible mess. She tells him that Aladdin thinks of him as his most respectable friend and surely doesn't feel he's been dragged into anything. Alibaba then thanks her for it. She wonders when she meant by it, and eventually realizes that he went to Balbadd alone the last time it happened.

Alibaba's Decision

Alibaba goes to the Balbadd's Palace's gate. He then reveals his identity as the third Prince of Balbadd and demands the guards to open the gates. Guards are unwillingly to let Alibaba, but citizens push them to do it. When they ask him to make sure if he's the only one who will get in, Alibaba swears on his name as a Prince that he will change the country.

Kougyoku's Dreams

Meanwhile, Kougyoku asks about Judar's injures. Then, she wants to know why can't Hakuei marry Ahbmad instead, so Koubun tries to tell her about Balbadd being important to conquer the West. Although she understands, she says she wanted to be warrior and to fall in love. She starts wondering what kind of person Ahbmad is. Meanwhile, Markkio introduces to Ahbmad the dowry of his soon-to-be wife and he approves them being his bodyguards.

Alibaba vs Entai

Then, Alibaba appears with intention of talking with his eldest brother, but Entai is sent to fight him. Alibaba fights him, eventually trying to use his Djinn Equip. Alibaba tries Djinn Equipping, but fails. Markkio comments that he's Dungeon Capturer, making Ahbmad wondering how he could manage being one. Alibaba fights at the same level for a while, but soon gets wounded badly. He thinks of his mother who tells him not to cry, and remembers different people telling him their expectations of him. He wonders if he really is so powerless, when he recalls Aladdin saying he's a man of courage. He quickly scolds himself for even thinking like that, remaining himself that power isn't the issue here and his decision to move forward. He's finally able to Djinn Weapon Equips, retaining Amon's Sword, and kills his opponent.

Morgiana's Help

Alibaba advances, but is constantly attacked by another batch of monsters. He slashes them and makes his way through them, Just then, he encounters Engi. He wants to kill him before his Magoi runs out. Before he can attack him, Morgiana steps in and kicks Engi. She asks him if coming here alone wasn't a bit too much. As they continue to fight side by side, Morgiana reveals that she wishes to become his strength and Alibaba replies that it's the reason he didn't tell anyone. She asks if fighting there is what he has to do and insist on fighting them alone. She throws Alibaba across the wall and begins to fight alone.

Alibaba vs Engi

Alibaba in his thoughts apologizes to Morgiana and adds that he has to go to Ahbmad. He is attacked by Entai, whom he slashes instantly. Sinbad is notified about Alibaba going to the Palace alone. He decides to head to the Palace as well. Something happens with Aladdin. Alibaba's fight with Engi continues. However, as he's going to give the last slash, his Djinn Weapon Equip wears off. He recalls Sinbad's instruction concerning this matter, quickly does it and kills his opponent. He understands that this can be used only once, but there's no more hindrance before him.

Alibaba's Answer

Alibaba runs into Ahbmad's place and announces that this time, he came to settle the score with him. Markkio notes that Alibaba can't use his Djinn's powers anymore, but he states that he doesn't need it, as he came to dismiss his brother's imperial rule from him. Ahbmad orders to kill him, but Alibaba orders them to stop. Ahmad repeats his order but this time, Sahbmad stays in Alibaba's defense. He orders Barkak to capture the Royal Guards. Seeing that Alibaba is doing his best, he decides to take the responsibility as well. In the name of the Deputy King, he forbids anyone's disruption in talks between the brothers. Ahbmad asks him if it's his coup d'etat.

Dethroning Ahbmad

Morgiana defeats all of her opponents and wishes that Alibaba accomplished what he came there for. Ahbmad wants to know if Sahbmad has been leaking information to the Fog Troupe, what Sahbmad confirms. After stating his side, he says Ahbmad to withdraw from the throne for the sake of saving Balbadd, much to his surprise. Ahbmad orders to kill him, but Alibaba stops them, mentioning that they will become slaves as well. Everyone stays silent besides Ahbmad, who still can't believe what happens. Sahbmad explains that everyone's heart has left him long ago. Then, Ahbmad starts laughing hysterically and wants to show his brother what it means to stand before large group of people. Seeing how afraid Sahbmad is, he starts to bully him until Alibaba stands in his protection, encouraging him that he is a man of courage. Ahbmad then tries to slash Alibaba, but he just takes sword into bare hands and slaps Ahbmad. Then, he tells him to step down from a throne.

Alibaba vs Kougyoku

Ahbmad wants to somehow make people to come back to his side, but then Kougyoku appears. Alibaba thinks that the time where he has to do what he came here to, came. The huge amount of rukh is gathering around Aladdin and Judar, to the point of non-Magicians being able to see it. Kougyoku introduces herself and wants to know who is she going to marry. Markkio says that there's a problem, since they don't know who the current king is. She wants the new king to be quickly chosen. The most obvious answers is the Deputy King, Sahbmad, but he declines and points at Alibaba, who also declines. He says he has no right to be one and explains what he meant. When Kougyoku asks what about tomorrow's signing ceremony, he says he wants to discuss about it. Revealing his identity to her, he begins to say. He requests her to destroy the "citizens rights" pact. He says as it was decided by the former King, it has no meaning now. However, Kougyoku says she can't do that and the signing ceremony as well as marriage will happen tomorrow. He says it's impossible, as there won't be new king and today, they will put an end to the monarchy of Balbadd.

The End of Monarchy

He arguments his decision as the will of citizens who don't want a king but to live happily. He then tells everyone about republics he visited. Ahbmad insults him and his idea to destroy the royal family who has been ruling the country for 23 generations, but Alibaba calmly answers him that continuing monarchy is the worst thing that can happen to Balbadd. He also says about royal family and nobles' status will be removed from them, and thus the country will be in hands of citizens. He then says that if it be permitted, he wants to help as well and devote his whole existence to Balbadd. He came here to make Balbadd an outstanding republic citizen state. Then, Sinbad comes along with the three of his allies.

Sinbad introduces his allies, who are the representatives who wanted to recommend Alibaba as the King of Balbadd. He apologizes to Sinbad for acting on his own, but justifies himself that the lack of the king is the key to save his country. Kougyoku interrupts saying that all the rights, trade etc., all belong to the Kou Empire. Alibaba replies he understands it well and asks her to act as the rights transfer never happened. He says that as the country of Balbadd they're speaking of no longer exist, so the pacts with Kou have no effect anymore. He, as well as Koubun, knows pretty well that all he says is a meaningless quibble, a forced argument as it has completely no relations to the current state of matters, but he still takes a risk. Kougyoku asks him that if she returned, how would he know that her father won't brush her aside. Alibaba realizes that Kougyoku's authority isn't great and she doesn't want to involve herself with something like political marriage anyway. He starts to argue with her saying that if she show the kindness now, she will reap the fruits in the future. It's still not enough to change her mind, so Sinbad takes an initiative and says that Balbadd is now under the Seven Seas Alliance. He promises to go to see Kou's Emperor personally and explain all the details to him. She eventually agrees to go along with it. Sinbad is amazed by Alibaba's actions.

Balbadd Republic

Kougyoku decides to leave Judar with Markkio and withdraw. Blushing, she wonders when will Sinbad come to pay a visit. Then, they notice a large group of people heading towards the palace. After bidding the representatives a farewell, Sinbad comes to Alibaba and scolds him for being so reckless, for which Alibaba apologizes. Asked what they should do now by Sahbmad, Alibaba gives a detailed plan of doing. Then, he says that he wants Ahbmad to be held in confinement on island, because even if people wanted the death sentence, he doesn't want to kill his own brother. He also says that no one has a right to punish anyone like that anymore, as the law has to be reformed. After that, Markkio interrupts saying that people who want to govern will appear, but he doesn't give him much though as he wants Balbadd to even have a form of one without disparities.

A little later, Alibaba and Sahbmad announces the citizens of new polity of Balbadd. Seeing the reaction of people, he addresses to Aladdin in his thoughts. He says he won't run away from this place anymore, so they have to put off their promise for a little longer. He wants him to wait a bit, as he doesn't want lose at being a "courageous person". People around Aladdin notice that something is wrong with him. Meanwhile, Cassim's group arrives at the Palace.

Cassim's Answer

Cassim is notified about the republication, what shocks him. He wonders what to do. Alibaba, trembling and with tears in his eyes, he says he will never forget this scene of his citizens happy faces and determination. Just then, Cassim and the Fog Troupe appears. Cassim thinks of Alibaba as a great person, of whom he always felt worse. Knowing that to stop him, Alibaba even came up with such answers, Cassim accuses Alibaba of cheating them and voices all of his thoughts regarding this matter. He also makes previously happy people into thinking it's wrong idea after all and that their relatives who died because of this country, won't return. He starts a civil war, much to the horror of Alibaba. In his thoughts, Cassim apologizes to Alibaba, saying that this is his answer.

Holy Palace's Aladdin

Aladdin wakes up in an unfamiliar place. He is greeted by Ugo, who welcomes him in the Holy Palace. Aladdin thinks that he has died, but Ugo explains that it's not the case, only his Rukh has been brought to the Holy Palace, but because of his recklessness, he really could have died. Ugo is sad that he couldn't bring Judar as well. Then, Ugo recalls that Aladdin went on a journey on whim, met Djinn and their masters. He tells what Rukh Guidance and fate are. He mentions that there are people that want to go against it, to fall into depravity. He was surprised seeing Magi dyed in black. Aladdin also should have died because they changed fate, but Ugo opposed it. To do this, he used all of the Magoi his master left him, but as Aladdin isn't his master, though his Magoi is his copy, he couldn't do anything. Ugo says that with the last power of the flute he brought him to the Holy Palace to give Aladdin something important. He shows him Alibaba, who will die, even though it's not the original flow. What is needed to dispel the darkness is a "miracle", which is Magi's mission. He then sends Aladdin on a journey to obtain his masters, Solomon's Wisdom. Ugo then in his thoughts bids Aladdin farewell, saying that he won't meet him the second time. He thinks that it's still too early to let him be alone, but quickly thinks of all people Aladdin met and made friends. He opens the Door and asks Solomon to take Aladdin back to the surface and grant his miracle upon him. Then, Aladdin, guided by someone's voice, heads into the universe's truth.


Alibaba vs Cassim

Cassim orders to kill everything. Morgiana notifies Sinbad about the situation and asks what to do. Sahbmad is pushed to give orders, but he asks Alibaba about it. Alibaba gives some orders and decides to stop Cassim alone. He surrounds him with the Wall of Flames. He then asks Cassim what he is doing, when monarchy has ended. He demands answers when his friend stays silent. He then fights them when he gets attacked, until Cassim asks him if the children of the royal family should live as royalty, confusing Alibaba. He adds that brats from slums should live the whole life in slums. Then, one of his subordinates catches him in Kokubaku Mutou. Cassim creates a big black ball while saying that everyone has the right to be king, making Alibaba realize that it's what Cassim wanted all along. He promises to not allow anything else to be swallowed by his selfish ambitions. Alibaba activates Amol Saiqa, which cuts trough anything with its heat, and attacks the Fog Troupe's members. He then heads towards Cassim's head and orders Cassim to withdraws his troops, but he replies that he'd rather dies. Alibaba, after a little moment of hesitation, takes his sword and tries to slash him, but before doing so, he withdraws Amol Saiqa and cries, saying that can't do it to his friend, calling him an idiot. He begs him to withdraw his troops to stop this rebellion. Cassim answers he's really soft and promises to surrender.

The Black Djinn

Cassim then recalls that the Weapon dealer told him that the requirement for using the Dark Metal Vessel is losing one's life, but decides that he has no other choice. After a while he stabs himself and transforms into Black Djinn. Everyone is stunned seeing something like Black Djinn. Looking at the scene, Markkio thinks of it as a success. Morgiana screams to Alibaba, but he still doesn't respond, only wondering if it's Cassim. Cassim targets Ahbmad and Sahbmad, so Morgiana kicks it and leaves it to him to kill it. Alibaba asks if it's Cassim, but when he attacks him, he slashes him and manages to cut off one of his arms. As Alibaba is about to attack one more time, Cassim supplies his Black Rukh and recovers. Morgiana tries to attack it, but gets sent outside of the battlefield. Cassim then targets Balbadd's Palace again and Alibaba tries to stop him, but Sinbad does it first. He then tells Alibaba to cut him, as his sword will be able to do it. As he says that he's the only one who can save this country now, Alibaba prepares to kill him and runs on him.

Alibaba tries to pierce Cassim, but isn't able to, even when his Djinn Weapon Equip evolves. He gets repelled towards a wall. Sinbad gets caught and thrown towards the wall as well, but Morgiana catches him. Sinbad explains that Cassim's attack are Gravity Magic. They notice that Magoi is leaking out of Cassim, which means that the previous attack was effective. Alibaba tries to attack once more, but he is attracted to him. Just then, military comes in to help him and Sinbad helps him concentrate even more power into his sword. As he's about to cut him, Judar appears and attacks him. Markkio explains to Judar that it's better to kill Alibaba since he interfered with their "flow" a lot before. Alibaba realizes it's the worst that could happen, since his Magoi is depleted and he has a little strength left. Other people fight with the Fog Troupe's members when they notice someone flying towards them, like a bird.

Alibaba Saluja

Judar takes control of Cassim and attacks Sinbad with his Ice Magic. He sticks him to the wall and orders to behave. He then targets Alibaba, but Morgiana is able to rescue him. Then, Alibaba asks her to throw him up. She tries to stop him because of the increasing number of enemies and the lack of the injuries in it. She doesn't want to let him do it even more when he wants to even exhaust his Magoi, because she's aware it may lead to his death. He shouts that he can't let the things everyone protected so much be destroyed and pleads her until she decides to do as he says. However, the only thing it does is cutting his sword. He begs her to throw him again, since he's still alive and Amon's sword is still there, which she eventually does. He continues attacking like that. While heading towards Alibaba, he wonders why Alibaba is doing things to such extent, like saving Mina, freeing Morgiana from slavery, confronting Ahbmad. However, he quickly thinks "No--- actually I understand. It's because you're Alibaba." Because of that reason, he comes and says that Alibaba is a strange person, but because of who is, he wants to stretch out his hand no matter how many times.

Aladdin's Arrival

Judar is happy to see Aladdin, declaring that he won't lose this time. He urges him to call for Ugo, but Aladdin answers that he is no longer around. Judar thinks of his as normal brat, but Aladdin creates a giant Ugo from the Heat Magic. With his Har-Har Infigar, he is able to make some harm. He asks Sinbad about his well-being and asks Mor to take him outside of the town. Alibaba watches Aladdin's fight with Judar and feels that he is stronger. He is really surprised when Aladdin says he can't win. Aladdin then tells Alibaba that he need his help, but Alibaba has no Magoi nor sword left. Aladdin comes to calm him down, and shows him that he has lit a hope in everyone's hearts, which touches him and makes him cry. Aladdin then gather the Rukh around himself. Markkio notes that this is genuine Wisdom of Solomon.

Wisdom of Solomon

Aladdin brings back the Rukh of dead people to guide Alibaba and Cassim. He tells that Cassim has now completely fallen into darkness and Alibaba is the only one who can save him. He then uses Har-Har Infigar on Alibaba and helps him restore his sword, sure that the fact that he can use Heat Magic isn't coincidence. Alibaba then penetrates inside Cassim and goes to his rukh through to Aladdin's Wisdom of Solomon. At the same time, Aladdin also shows Judar his own past.

Inside of Cassim

As Alibaba arrives inside of Cassim, Aladdin explains him that Cassim should be there. He notices him instantly and hears it's the form Cassim's rukh has taken. Alibaba wants to talk with Cassim once again, but gets rejected by him and hears that the person Cassim hated the most is him, at which he flinches. Cassim shows him that he hated him the whole time since the very day of Alibaba's last day in the slums. He says he always wanted to push Alibaba into the abyss of despair, but his radiance didn't disappear. Cassim then screams asking if he's the only one fated to be born as trash. While Aladdin fends off Judar, he thinks that the power let's people hear rukh's voice; it doesn't lie and thus, reality may hurt Alibaba. However, Aladdin is sure that if it's Alibaba, it can be done. He says, "You're a brave person. You're my candidate to be king!"

Alibaba doesn't understand what Cassim means, so Cassim continues saying that the difference between them is too big. Even after the death of Alibaba's mother, they weren't the same, since Alibaba tried to live as honestly as possible, while Cassim stole and did other bad things. When it was clear that Alibaba was a prince, he noticed that the gap between them is even bigger. He thought it's unfair that person's fate is decided before their birth and, as a consequence, cursed it.

Cassim's rukh then stabs Alibaba's, which makes Cassim's thoughts flow inside Alibaba. Seeing how Cassim thought he always lived in radiance, he punches him saying he's wrong, as he only wanted to survive and did a dirty things as well. He screams at Cassim and tells him not to assume and force the things upon him. Judar orders Aladdin to not show him such things. Cassim's and Alibaba's rukh clash. Cassim says he doesn't want to lose to him, but Alibaba tells him there's no need to something like winning or losing between them. Cassim recalls when Alibaba said to Sinbad before that he's no different from them, but wonders how people can be the same and continues to argument his statement. He eventually stabs Alibaba. Alibaba starts crying, thinking it's frustrating and pitiful. He wonders how could he not realize how Cassim felt before. However, he adds he probably did realize it, but afraid, was always running away. He thinks that it might indeed be that everyone is different, but he thinks of it as sorrowful. Yet, if it's true, he wonders what he can do to let everyone live in a happiness. Cassim, who gets all Alibaba's feelings, starts crying as well and says he only wanted to live on the same level as him. Aladdin notices the difference in Cassim's Djinn and wonders if Alibaba succeeded.

Cassim's Death

The Djinn starts crumbling. Cassim reassures Alibaba he can still return alive. Alibaba says he come to save him, but for Cassim the though is enough already. Cassim then apologizes to all people who were dragged into it and regrets that he and Alibaba couldn't talk out thing properly earlier. Cassim starts a question, but at first Alibaba doesn't understand what he meant. Cassim then lets his rukh to went through Alibaba and shows him all thing he has no idea about. Alibaba curses that only hardships are in his memories, but there is a warm there as well. Then, he remembers Cassim starting asking the same question as the moment earlier and realizes now what it was. He screams if it isn't obvious that they are friends. Meanwhile, Aladdin defeats Judar so Markkio takes him out of the battlefield. He turns back and sees Alibaba crying with dead Cassim in his arms. He welcomes him back. The rukh of people join their loved ones.

Sinbad, Ja'far and Masrur vs Markkio

Meanwhile, Markkio watches the conclusion of the civil war in Balbadd. He comments this was a perfect country because of amount of darkness it had. He quickly says to forget it, since he still has original Metal Vessel and just find another victim with a lot of hatred, as they're easiest to control. From the behind, Masrur kicks Markkio while being supported by his Household Vessel, Bararaq Kauza. In the mid-air, Markkio defends himself with Borg, but Ja'far activates his Household Vessel, Bararaq Sei. Markkio's Borg is broken and he starts falling down. He is caught by Sinbad's Metal Vessel, Bararaq Saiqa.

The three SML Brothers give back Sinbad his Metal Vessels. Sinbad notices that dolls have fallen from the sky. In the Al-Thamen's quarter, its members comment what has happened in Balbadd.


Alibaba is still crying over Cassim's death. Aladdin brings back the Rukh of dead to their loved ones. Alibaba's parents appear before him, while Aladdin explains that they didn't disappeared completely and are always in Rukh's flow. He then tells others to go to the side of people they've cherished. Mariam and Cassim come to Alibaba smiling. Then, all of the deceased citizens head toward the great Rukh. Morgiana comes and embraces both Aladdin and Alibaba.