Baal (バアル, Baaru) was the first Dungeon to come into existence later revealed to be summoned by the Magi Yunan. Baal was conquered by Sinbad and his prize for completing this Dungeon was the Djinn Baal.


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Fourteen years ago, Baal appeared from the depths of the ocean. 2,000 researchers and a myriad of soldiers entered the Dungeon, never to return. When people started to give up on the Dungeon, the door to the Dungeon opened. A blue giant carrying treasures was led out by a young man. The young boy grew up to become king. This boy was Sinbad.


Baal Arc

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The following information has to do with the spinoff/prologue to Magi, Adventure of Sinbad.


Dragons: This dungeons contains dragons that are able to breathe Lightning Magic powerful enough to incinerate an opponent.

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