Astor Inqerad (白閃煉獄竜翔アシュトル・インケラード Ashutoru Inkerādo, "Flying White Flash Dragon from Purgatory") is the Extreme Magic of Kouen Ren's Djinn, Astaroth. When used, it creates a dragon made out of white flames, which comes from the Metal Vessel's symbol. It incinerates everything within its path in an instant. Even after the attack ends, the flames of Astaroth are supposed to last for all eternity, unless Kouen orders them to disappear or the magoi supplying the flames is sucked away by something from the outside.


Summoning AI anime
Summoning Astor Inqerad
Astor Inqerad
In the manga


  • The name of this Extreme Magic is a corruption of the Arabic phrase إنقِراض شَطراَ Inqirāḍ Shaṭr(an), which means "Extinction by bisection".


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