Asfal Riih (突風 (アスファル・リーフ), Asufaru.Rīfu) is the first Wind Magic that Aladdin created and used. As it was his first time, he had to use the aid tool, 5th Type Magic Aid Tube. It resembles a miniature tornado. After a year of training, Aladdin can use it to lift close to fifty people on a large sheet.


Asfal Riif
First use
Asfal Riif1
Listening to the Rukh


  • The name of this magic is a corruption of the Arabic phrase سُفلى رِيح Suflā Rīḥ, which translates to "Lowest Wind". The author used the masculine form of the adjective, أسفَل Asfal, which is grammatically incorrect as this adjective is modifying the feminine noun Rīḥ.


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