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Anise (アニス, Anisu) was the mother of Alibaba Saluja. Before she became a harlot, Anise was a maid for Balbadd Palace, which is where she met and conceived Alibaba with Rashid Saluja, Balbadd's King.


In the manga

She has black hair and is fairly attractive. She wore a sleeveless dress.


Anise was a very kind and caring woman who loved her son very much. Despite them not being her children, upon seeing Cassim and Mariam's father abuse them, she took them in and raised the children as her own. She seemed to have a bright personality and was usually seen with a wide smile on her face.


She was once the maid in Balbadd's Royal Palace. There, she became the lover of Rashid Saluja and gave birth to an illegitimate child, Alibaba Saluja. After giving birth to Alibaba, she left to the slums and became a harlot. One day, she saved Cassim and Mariam from their father and adopted them when their father disappeared, raising them with the same care she would offer Alibaba. Anise died from illness sometime after.[1]


Balbadd Arc

Rashid Anise.png

Aladdin uses Wisdom of Solomon to bright back Anise's Rukh along with Balbadd's previous king, Rashid's rukh. Together, they come to see Alibaba.[2]


Anise was an average woman with no known abilities.


Alibaba Saluja

Anise and Alibaba

Anise is the mother of Alibaba, and she loved him very much. She was always positive and happy, encouraging Alibaba whenever he cried that everything would be all right.

Rashid Saluja

Anise was the lover of the previous king. She bore his child.


Anise had adopted Cassim after his father had disappeared. She even protected him from his father before adopting him. He had a crush on her, and secretly confessed to her three times.[3]


Anise had adopted Mariam after her father had disappeared. She would protect her from her father before adopting her.


  • Her name means Favor or Grace in Hebrew.
  • She may have been named after Anis al-Jalis, a character in The Tale of the Slave Girl and Nur al-Din from One Thousand and One Nights.


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