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Amon's Royal Sword (アモンの宝剣, Amon no Hōken) is Amol Saiqa's second form and Alibaba Saluja's Djinn Weapon Equip. It gets its powers from Alibaba's Djinn, Amon. It retains the original shape of Alibaba's Balbadd's Royal Sword he received from Sinbad, and Amol Saiqa's looks. In this form, his attack range is slightly larger than the sword, so if his sword doesn't hit the opponent the heat produced around the sword is able to slice and enhance the range of the attack.



Amol Saika1.png
Balbadd's Royal Sword
Royal Sword retaining.png
Creating a weapon
Royal Sword.png
Slicing an opponent
Amon's Royal Sword.png
in manga


  • It uses less Magoi and allows Alibaba to better use his sword skills and Amon's flame abilities.