Amol Selseila (炎翼鉄鎖 (アモール・セルセイラ), Amōru.Seruseira, Flame Wings of Iron Chains) is Morgiana's Household Vessel. It gains its power from Alibaba's Djinn, Amon. It appears as the leg chains she had as a slave. Since it's best to use something one has an attachment to, she chose this as she has had it for a long time. She wears them on each of her arms (since the chains were in the way when they were on her legs), and she is able to manipulate the chains for different purposes. She is able to use the chains to climb, swing, and even to attack by wrapping up her enemy with them. Additionally, she is able to summon Amon's flames. Once she successfully captures an opponent, she proceeds to burn them with a huge amount of fire. This, however, consumes a lot of Magoi. It consumes so much Magoi, that after her first use of it, she bled from her eyes and went into a coma. It seems she can use it for an extended period of time as long as she doesn't summon Amon's Flames.

After getting advice from Yunan, she learned how to wear Amol Selseila on her legs without getting the chains caught on things. She learned that she can also manipulate the fire around the chain and use the heat generated by it to fly in the air. She also found out how to manipulate the chains' shape and size at will to create a wider range of attacks.


Amol Selseira1.png
On her arms
AmolWorn anime.png
On her legs


  • The name of this vessel is a corruption of the Arabic phrase سِلسِلة الأَمَل Silsila(t) Al-Amal, which means "Chain of Hope".


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