Amol Saiqa (アモンの剣アモール・サイカ, Amōru.Saika, lit. Amon's Sword) is the Metal Vessel of Alibaba Saluja. It gets its power from Alibaba's Djinn, Amon. It has the ability to generate Heat Magic and absorbs fire. It also has immense cutting power, as it can cut just about anything. Alibaba's Djinn Equip has evolved to the point to where he can Equip his arms too. After Alibaba's first Metal Vessel broke, he transferred Amon to a short curved sword and learns how to use a second Djinn Weapon Equip form, Amon's Royal Sword.


First Metal Vessel
Alibaba's Second Vessel.png
Second Metal Vessel
Amol Saika1.png
Second Metal Vessel without a sheath
Flame Sword.png
Surrounded by fire
Amon arm.png
Arms in Djinn Equip


  • The name of this vessel is a corruption of the Arabic phrase  صاعِقة الأمل Ṣā3iqa(t) Al-Amal, meaning "Lightning of Hope".


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