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Alloces (アロセス, Arosesu) is Darius LeoxsesDjinn. Alloces was in the 52nd Dungeon.




Alloces used to live in Alma Torran and was part of King Solomon's Household

Alloces, along with the rest of the Djinn, were created by King Solomon from Rukh.



Dungeon Capturer

Alloces' Dungeon Capturer is Darius Leoxses.


Only one member of Darius' Household has been shown so far, and is a knight who wears a full armor with a unique helmet and carries a spear.

Metal Vessel

Darius' Metal Vessel is the lance that he carries with him.

Djinn Equip

In his Djinn Equip form, Darius becomes much younger and his hair is straight and has an ornament on his right side of the head. He wears a full dark armor without a helmet and seems to be riding on a dark horse with dark armor.

Djinn Weapon Equip

In Djinn Equip, Darius' lance changes its shape and becomes thinner, with the spike curved and not straight like its normal form.



  • Their name is probably taken from the book The Lesser Key of Solomon. In the first section of this book, entitled Ars Goetia, several demons are described, Alloces being the fifty-second. The dungeon where Alloces resided was the 52nd as well.


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