Alibaba Saluja vs Toto is a fight between Alibaba Saluja, the former third Prince of Balbadd, and Toto, one of the Yambala Gladiators.


During Alibaba's journey to the Reim Empire, he is robbed of all his money and letter of introduction. Without it, he can't join Shambal Ramal's Swordsmen Training grounds; however, if he defeats Toto, he still might have a chance. The fight ends before it even begins, as Toto, without any problem, sends the hungry Alibaba flying.

Alibaba is then found and fed by S/M/L Nando. In their Casino, he meets Toto again, and Shambal, who were looking for him. After a simple introduction, Shambal asks Alibaba to have a rematch with Toto.


Toto, convinced that Alibaba is weak, attacks him, but he dodges it and uses the same moves as Sharrkan. Knowing that Alibaba is actually pretty good, Shambal allows Toto to use her Magoi Manipulation ability, Qi Gong Sword, even though they are outside the training grounds. Her slash doesn't cut Alibaba's sword, even when hers was enhanced with Magoi. Alibaba understands that he must win the battle with only his sword skills.

Alibaba blocks Toto's next move, and completely overweights her in next few rounds, showing more than one fighting style. The battle ends when Alibaba cuts Toto's clothes (leaving the upper part of her body naked), even if she protests before realizing how she looks.


Shambal accepts Alibaba into the Gladiators' training grounds. Then, he performs acupuncture on Alibaba and tells him that there is two kinds of Magoi within his body. Alibaba is also told that if he doesn't master them and combine them, then his flesh would rot, and he would die. Because Alibaba has no money to pay for the treatment; Shambal tells him to go into the arena to earn money so he can pay them for their services.


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