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Alibaba Saluja vs Sinbad is a fight between the third Prince of Balbadd and supposed leader of the Fog Troupe, Alibaba Saluja, and the King of Sindria, Sinbad.


Sinbad wants to defeat Alibaba and hand his Fog Troupe over to the Balbadd's military. Morgiana and Cassim attempts to stop him, but after hearing how different Alibaba is from the rest of his group in terms mostly of social status, irritated and provoked, he decided to fight.


Alibaba unleashes powers of Amon, and burns himself in the fire. He then charges on Sinbad with his knife. Sinbad defends with a sword. Alibaba repeats the move, this time combining his fencing with flames. After that, Alibaba kicks Sinbad's sword out and tries to slash him, but Sinbad takes Alibaba's arm and uses Magoi Manipulation to make his flames disappear. Then, he hits him several times and defeats him.


Right after the fight, Sinbad decides to join the Fog Troupe. Alibaba doesn't want to believe in the honesty of his intentions, so Sinbad explains that his main reason is to stop the "abnormalities of the world". He is eventually permitted, but as a result, Cassim and some of his close subordinates hide themselves.