Alibaba Saluja vs Multiple Black Djinn is a fight between Alibaba Saluja, the former third Prince of Balbadd, and three Black Djinn created by Matal Mogamett from Magnostadt's citizens.


Aladdin tells Alibaba about Magnostadt's way of doing. Seeing even more Black Djinn, Aladdin noted they're similar to that of Alma Torran. Alibaba then Djinn Equips Amon, saying that he's faster in that form and it's not the time to save up his Magoi. He adds that he'll stop the Black Djinn and comes to the battlefield, saving Kouha Ren from Black Djinn's attack.


Alibaba keeps slashing the Black Djinn. He cuts off the arm and the leg of one of them, but it just recovers it. To change this kind of matter, Alibaba changes his Amol Saiqa to Amol Dherrsaiqa, covers himself in the fire, then releases a huge flames, multiple times larger that his body, and fires a huge attack, destroying the Black Djinn. As others are coming, he begins summoning his Extreme Magic, but can't shoot it due to Kouen Ren and his Household's interference and an incredible attack.


The Metal Vessel symbol still is behind confused Alibaba for a while, who then joins Aladdin. The two together watch the fight between Kouen's Household and Black Djinn.


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