Alibaba Saluja vs Isaac is a fight between Alibaba Saluja, the former third Prince of Balbadd, and Dunya Musta'sim's knight, Isaac.


After Dunya starts her attack, Aladdin protects Alibaba with Borg. Alibaba wants to help him, but is stopped by Isaac.


Alibaba tries to slash Isaac, repeating his attacks again and again, but Isaac avoids them all and cuts Alibaba slightly. Isaac yawns saying that Alibaba is way too slow and wonders why Aladdin chose him instead of Dunya. Realizing that Isaac's skills are exceeding his, he recalls Sharrkan's words about how his sword doesn't suit him. He dismiss his Djinn Weapon Equip, concentrates and changes it into new version, Amon's Royal Sword. Because this sword is much lighter and suits Alibaba more, he can finally use royal swordplay he learned in Balbadd freely, as its his weapon, not a sword. He begins to attack much more smoother and becomes faster. However, Isaac still cuts him in the forehead, only to realizes he's been cut himself. Alibaba then continues his moves and successfully cuts off Isaac's arm.

Alibaba then comes closer to Aladdin, but Ithnan attacks him and his friend from behind with Lightning Magic. After Dunya changes her Djinn Equip, she chains Aladdin. Alibaba interferes and cuts them off, declaring the fight will be two versus one. However, Dunya orders Isaac to wake up, making Alibaba once again stuck with his own battle.

Isaac activates his Household Vessel, Al-Qaus Kauza, and heads toward Alibaba. He slashes him with great acceleration, forbidding Alibaba to keep up with him. Isaac then goes behind Alibaba's back and attacks him, but Aladdin interrupts him and protects Alibaba.


Aladdin suggest fighting to stall time. Ithnan supplies his allies with Lightning Magic and makes Dunya and Isaac stronger. Then, Hakuryuu Ren joins Alibaba and Aladdin.


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