Alibaba Saluja vs Hakuryuu Ren a fight between the two former third Prince of Balbadd, Alibaba Saluja, and fourth Prince of the Kou Empire, Hakuryuu Ren.


Alibaba and Aladdin decide to pay Hakuryuu a visit because of the news they heard stating that Hakuryuu killed Gyokuen Ren and replaced her in throne. Alibaba goes to see Hakuryuu and the two are having a good time together. However, at some point Hakuryuu tells Alibaba that he is tired of this and states that they will both bring back Balbadd to Alibaba by invading the country and turning it into flames. Moreover, Hakuryuu adds that he will kill Kouen Ren because Hakuryuu he doesn't trust him since he kept the secret of Al-Thamen in the Kou Empire from them. Hakuryuu also adds that when a second or third Gyokuen will show up, Kouen will do the same thing over and over.

Alibaba realizes that Hakuryuu is entirely different person but recalls how he used to be and asks him what will he do about his sister since she should be in Balbadd as well as about Aladdin and Morgiana, who would end up being his enemies. Hakuryuu then changed the subject and told Alibaba that he already realized what kind of person Alibaba is. He explained that Alibaba naturally approaches someone and wishes them their happiness, but then takes out what's in their heart that they don't want anyone to touch and rips it out in order to realize what he thinks to be "right world". Hakuryuu admits that he was about to take Alibaba's hand but in the world he aspires for, Alibaba is the kind of person he wants to eliminate the most and declares to kill him.




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