Alibaba Saluja vs Garda is a fight between Alibaba Saluja, the former third Prince of Balbadd, and Garda. It's Alibaba's first battle in the Reim Empire's Colosseum.


Thanks to Shambal Ramal and Toto, Alibaba finds out why the flow of his Magoi is poor; however, he can't afford paying the treatment fee and has no choice but to fight to earn money. Before the battle begins, he is told that in the Colosseum he can use only a normal sword. What's more, his opponent turns out to be a monster which had killed over 100 gladiators before. Nevertheless, Alibaba decides to fight and show his determination.


The match starts with Garda unleashing her destructive power, to which Alibaba responds by slashing her. However, his attacks are blocked by Garda's thick muscles. The monster uses Battle Cry to intimidate Alibaba, and then hits him with great strength, only to pick him  up again and throw him.

Alibaba tries to give up, but he is ignored by the guard. When Garda takes his arm, he hears the audience's voices telling the monster to eat him. Garda tries to execute this order by biting Alibaba's arm and crushing it. During that time, Alibaba remembers his friends, notably Cassim. After that, his will to fight returns.

Garda starts to hit Alibaba again, but he successfully dodges all of the attacks and runs toward a statue. Garda follows him and ends up breaking it. He is still able to take Alibaba's arm and throw him. When Garda approaches him and goes straight to his arm again, Alibaba uses a spear the statue earlier was holding, and pierces her mouth. This is what Alibaba and Cassim used to do while living in slums, when they didn't have any real weapon.

Using a wall as support, Alibaba lures Garda to himself and pierces the monster's hand. Thanks to this, Garda starts using dull movements, which Alibaba finds easy to read, and even shallow-slashes Garda repeatedly, which is enough to make Alibaba the winner. He doesn't kill Garda, though.


Alibaba's Magoi fuses with Cassim's.


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