Alibaba Saluja vs Entai is a fight between Alibaba Saluja, the third Prince of Balbadd, and Entai, one of Kou Empire's Dungeon monsters.


Alibaba charges on Balbadd's Palace with an intention of speaking with his eldest brother and King of Balbadd, Ahbmad Saluja, but it only enrages Ahbmad. Saying he won't accept that trash a Prince, he orders Markkio to get rid of Alibaba, and Markkio follows this order by sending out Entai.


Entai attacks Alibaba with his proboscises and sends him flying. Alibaba unleashes Amon's flames but Entai twirls proboscises and deflects his attack. Entai then sucks the water and shoots it toward Alibaba, extinguishing the fire. Alibaba tries to cover himself with flames and Djinn Equip. As it's impossible, Entai hits him with proboscises, but Alibaba dodges. Entai thinks that Alibaba's flames are annoying so he shoots the water again. Alibaba tries to directly hit him, but falls down. The pattern continues for a while, until Entai successfully hits Alibaba. When he is about to be killed, he uses his knife to pierce Entai. After finding a new resolve to fight, Alibaba is able to activate his Djinn Weapon Equip, Amol Saiqa, and cuts Entai into two.


Right after the fight ends, Alibaba runs towards his aim but is attacked by the next set of monsters.


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