Alibaba Saluja vs Engi is a fight between Alibaba Saluja, the third Prince of Balbadd, and Engi, one of Kou Empire's Dungeon monsters.


Morgiana comes to fight Enshin and other monsters to let Alibaba go further ahead to Ahbmad Saluja's place, but as he goes, he is stopped by Engi.


Engi appears in front of Alibaba and both of them charge on each other, clashing their swords. Thanks to his Amol Saiqa, Alibaba cuts Engi's sword into two, but when he is prepared to use his final attack, he runs out of Magoi. Engi then draws out his spare sword and declares it will be the battle concerned on sword skills only. Alibaba grabs the barrel and slashes it, making the oil drain. He then kindles his sword and lets out the flames, which activates Amol Saiqa again. After that, Engi is cut by it and dies.


Without much thought, Alibaba continues his run and finally reaches Ahbmad.


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